Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors Set D/B/F/H Series Engines

Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors Set D/B/F/H Series Engines
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Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors Set D/B/F/H Series EnginesInjector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors Set D/B/F/H Series EnginesInjector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors Set D/B/F/H Series Engines

New set of 4 Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors for common D/B/F/H series engine setups. These are considered the best fuel injectors available in the industry. Sold in a flow rate and dynamically matched set of 4 injectors to guarantee consistency across all four cylinders.


88-01 Civic/Integra D/B series engines engines
90-01 Accord/Prelude F/H series engines

ID1000 specs:

* Nominal Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi)
* Fuel Compatibility - Compatible With All Known Fuels (gasoline, E85, etc)
* Withstands up to 100psi fuel pressure (flows 1500+cc at 100psi fuel pressure)
* Sold in a flow match and dead time matched set
* Electrical Connector Style: USCAR (see our injector connector adapter below for plug-n-play fitment)

Why purchase from HA Motorsports?

We are an Injector Dynamics authorized dealer and distributor. We sell only genuine Injector Dynamics injectors with full product warranty. Full product support, documentation, and warranty when purchased from us.

Why choose Injector Dynamics injectors?

Your stock fuel injectors work excellent at stock flow rates and fuel pressures. Atomization of the fuel (spray quality) suits the stock engine well. As fuel injector size (spray volume) increases, the fuel spray quality tends to suffer. Until the creation of Injector Dynamics line of injectors, all larger fuel injectors would cause a rough idle due to the poor spray quality at idle. These other larger volume injectors would also not be consitant across all four injectors so you'd see certain cylinders running differently causing a nightmare for tuning and increase the likelihood of engine damage. Through dedication to technological improvement, Injector Dynamics has been able to create a true 1000cc injector that is more consistant than the factory Honda injector, has a better fuel spray pattern resulting in better atomization, and exceptional spray quality at very short opening times (idle, etc) resulting in a better than stock idle quality and excellent tunability.


Injector Dynamics OBD2 Honda Injector Plug Adapter Set
Set of 4 adapter clips/harnesses for installing Injector Dynamics Injectors into vehicles with OBD2 injector clips. Allows plug-n-play installation without cutting your engine harness. Your stock OBD2 injector clip connects to one side of the adapter harness, then the other end plugs onto the Injector Dynamics fuel injector.
Injector Dynamics OBD1 Honda Injector Plug Adapter Set
Adapters for plugging Injector Dynamics Injectors into OBD1 injector clips. This allows plug-n-play installation without cutting off or de-pinning your stock OBD1 injector clips. Your OBD1 injector clips plug into one side of the adapter, while the other side of the adapter plugs into the Injector Dynamics Injector.