Moates Ostrich 2.0 RealTime EProm Emulator
The Moates Ostrich 2.0 is THE emulator for use on OBD1 socketed ECU's. Works flawlessly with Hondata S200 systems (now discontinued) and Crome. Allows on the fly program/rom file upload to your ECU. Excellent for real-time updating and tuning.
Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer
The Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer/Burner/Reader is a revolutionary development for programming and reading 28 and 32 pin ROM's. Comes complete with Chip Programmer/Reader, USB driver software, and 4 ft. USB cable.
Moates Extreme Hulog
With the Moates Hulog, you can datalog directly from your ECU to your laptop via USB. Simply plugs into your 4 pin datalog header on your OBD1 ECU. Fully compatible with Crome Pro*
Moates Demon Version 1
Moates Demon Version 1 (original Demon) for use on JDM "square box" style OBD1 ECU's. The Demon allows full tuning of your engine using the Neptune RTP software.
Moates Demon Version 2
Moates Demon Version 2 Real Time Programming/datalogging System. Fits OBD1 USDM civic/integra style ECU's. Designed for use with the Neptune RTP system (Neptune RTP License required). The Moates Demon II is the newest creation for use with the Neptune RTP system and builds on the solid foundation of the original Demon with increased speed and performance for reliable operation. Installs in the place of your standard 28 pin chip and ties in with the CN2 datalogging port for simple installation.
CN2 Direct ECU Bluetooth Module
New Bluetooth module for Bluetooth datalogging on chipped OBD1 Honda ECU's! This module is designed to plug directly into your chipped ECU's 4 pin datalog header. Be sure your ECU's chip has datalogging enabled ( Crome software "Quick datalogger + RTP" feature ) and datalog wirelessly via Bluetooth using the Tunerview Android App
Bluetooth Add-on Module for Moates Demon V1
Bluetooth Module for wireless tuning with the Neptune RTP system. This bluetooth module plugs into the auxilary plug on the Demon to allow you to tune and datalog wirelessly through your laptop without plugging in a USB cable!
Bluetooth Add-on Module for Moates Demon V2
Bluetooth Module for use with Moates Demon2. This module allows easy plug-in to the 4 pin header on the Moates Demon 2 board so that you can datalog and tune wirelessly through your Bluetooth enabled laptop or Bluetooth enabled smartphone via the Neptune app.
Moates 2Timer
The 2Timer is a great tool used by anyone who needs multiple fuel or ignition maps on one chip. Good examples are those who run Nitrous, or typically run two different types of fuel. (I.E. Race Gas map vs. Pump Gas map)
Replacement 28-pin Emulation Cable for Ostrich/ Ostrich 2.0
Replacement 28 pin Emulation cable for Moates Ostrich / Ostrich v2.0. Standard 18 inch length.
Replacement 4 pin cable for Moates Demon V1 or Moates Hulog
Replacement 4 pin interconnect cable for use with the Moates Demon V1 or Moates Hulog datalogger. This cable connects the Demon unit or Hulog unit with the 4 pin datalog port at CN2. This cable is included with the Moates kits, however if yours gets lost or damage, this is a replacement.