Neptune RTP / Demon V2 / P28 ECU Package

Neptune RTP / Demon V2 / P28 ECU Package
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Now Available with Bluetooth! This is our complete package for those wishing to use the Neptune RTP system in their vehicle. Complete with an HA Motorsports OBD1 P28 VTEC spec ECU, pre-installed brand new Moates Demon2, and Neptune RTP software license.

Package includes:

* HA Motorsports fully reconditioned and prepared OBD1 P28 VTEC spec ECU
* Brand new, serialized Moates Demon V2 professionally installed into the ECU
* Neptune RTP license for tuning your new Moates Demon/Neptune RTP package.
* Simple, single USB cable interface with your laptop for easy connection and tuning.

NOTE: You will need to download the Neptune RTP software HERE. This will install the software onto your laptop to use with the package.

Your software key (Neptune RTP license key) will be registered for you after purchase to allow you to connect to the Demon module and begin tuning. Due to the recent Neptune software update, you can simply use the auto-lookup feature to retrieve your license key. It will no longer be emailed to you. Please feel free to download the software for free and familiarize yourself with it to see if it is right for you.

Benefits of our Neptune ECU Package:

* Ready to plug into your car and begin tuning. The Neptune tuning package is fully installed into the ECU and tested for trouble free installation and tuning.
* Simple, hassle free single USB connection. No chips to burn, program, etc..
* Can be used on any D, B, F, or H series Honda engine. (If you swap your engine, you simply need to upload a new program to your ECU rather than source another ECU).
* Flawless software operation offers zero downtime from software bugs like experienced with Crome, etc..


This ECU package is available with Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity will allow wireless datalogging and tuning from a Bluetooth connected laptop computer, or datalog and display engine information directly on your Android smartphone or tablet with the TunerView app available in the Google Play store.