HA Motorsports Tune Transfer Service

HA Motorsports Tune Transfer Service

Available exclusively through us at HA Motorsports is our Tune Transfer Service. This service is designed for those who have already tuned their vehicle with either Crome, Neptune, or Hondata and would like to change to another engine management system ie: your car is tuned on Crome, but you'd like to upgrade to Hondata S300. Without our tune transfer service, you would otherwise have to completely retune your vehicle when changing engine management systems due to the fact that each system uses its own unique file types and are not simply saved and re-opened in another system.

With our tune transfer service, you will email us a file copy of your current tune and we will duplicate the tune into your other specified programs compatible file. This is by far the most efficient method to switch engine management systems without spending many additional hours re-tuning your car. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions regarding this service.


  • Available ONLY for Crome, Neptune, and Hondata S300.
  • You MUST provide us with an EMAILED copy of your current tune, along with letting us know the desired system you are switching TO. We will then email back to you your new tune file in the correct format to be used with your new system.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for this service. This is NOT an automated system and is very involved for an accurate tune duplication into another system.
  • We have significant experience with these tuning systems and advanced engine management, HOWEVER, there are NO GUARANTEES with this service due to cross platform compatability and the way each system executes its programming.
  • We highly recommend having a dyno available at the time you switch to your new system so that you can trouble shoot any problems and perform any final adjustments as necessary. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES WITH THIS SERVICE.