2003-2006 Honda Element Application Guide

KTuner Revision 1 / 03-06 Element PZD ECU Package
HA Motorsports 03-06 Honda Element ECU with pre-installed KTuner End User Board system. This ECU package will allow you to easily tune your Honda Element engine to suit your engine modifications. Simply unplug and unbolt your stock ECU, then plug this ECU in and bolt back in place. Offers factory fitment and reliability, but with the ability to tune using the KTuner software.
KTuner 2003-2006 Honda Element Reflash
KTuner Reflash service for 2003-2006 Honda Element. The KTuner reflash for 03-06 Honda Element will "wake up" the Honda Element K24 engine resulting in a much more enjoyable driving experience with plenty of power for aggressive driving or heading to the hills.