2004-2005 Acura TSX Application Guide

ECU location: behind the center console between the driver and passenger feet. You will need to remove a plastic cover to access the ECU.

Hondata FlashPro 2004-2014 Acura TSX
Looking for the perfect tuning solution for your 2004-2010 Acura TSX? The Hondata FlashPro for TSX is the answer with its advanced tuning capabilities and easy setup. The Hondata FlashPro allows easy ECU/PCM programming changes/reflashes by plugging one end into the OBD2 diagnostic port and the other end into your laptop.
KTuner Revision 1 / 04-06 Acura TSX ECU Package
Custom built ECU with KTuner End User system for the 2004-2006 Acura TSX with manual transmission. This package includes a custom replacement ECU (your factory TSX ECU will not work with KTuner) along with a fully installed and tested KTuner End User system.