2005-2006 Honda Element Immobilizer Bypass Service


Immobilizer bypass service for 2005-2006 Honda Element ECU's. Available for ONLY these ECU's:
  • 37820-PZD-A06 and A07
  • 37820-PZD-A11
  • 37820-PZD-A56 through A59
  • 37820-PZD-A66 through A69
  • 37820-PZD-A71 and A72
  • 37820-PZD-A81 and A82
Note: Disabling the immobilizer in this ECU is done by reflashing the ECU. The only programming change in reflashing is disabling the immobilizer. All other programming will remain unchanged. By disabling the immobilizer, the green key light on the dash will illuminate. If desired, you can unplug the immobilizer control unit under the dash to turn this light off.

How does this process work?

1. Verify your vehicle and ECU are listed above. If your vehicle or ECU is not listed, please contact us first to be sure we can remove the immobilizer from your ECU/PCM before proceeding.
2. Add the immobilizer removal service to your online shopping cart and proceed through checkout. You will select your RETURN shipping method when placing your order.
3. After submitting your order you will receive a confirmation email. Please print the confirmation email out and include it with your ECU. Package securely, then ship to us. You can ship to us using any shipping service you'd like.
4. We will receive your ECU and perform the immobilizer removal as well as test your ECU afterward to be sure the removal was successful.
5. We will ship your ECU/PCM back to you using the shipping method you selected when placing your order as well as email your shipping notification and tracking information.
6. When you receive your ECU back, simply re-install in your vehicle and enjoy!

One Full-Year VIP Warranty on all ECU work.

NOTE: Please do NOT send in your ECU without first submitting your online order. Please do not send your ECU to us with a check enclosed, money order, etc. You MUST submit your order online, then print out your order confirmation and include it with your ECU.

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