HA Motorsports Budget K-Swap ECU

HA Motorsports Budget K-Swap ECU
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HA Motorsports Budget K-Swap ECUHA Motorsports Budget K-Swap ECU

** DISCONTINUED ** This ECU package has been discontinued and replaced with the KTuner End-User / PRB ECU package.

This is the most economical ECU setup for K series engine swaps into 88-00 civic / 90-01 integra chassis. Low on price, but high on features and power potential. The HA Motorsports Budget K-Swap ECU features a reprogrammed K series ECU with a custom basemap tune based on your engine setup. The ECU casing is refinished using our traditional glass-bead blasting process and topped off with a clear ECU lid for extra show. Fuel, ignition, cam angle, and VTEC tables are pre-programmed to take advantage of common upgrades that are done when doing a K20 or K24 engine swap like intake, header, and exhaust so that you get the most power from your swap.

Please select your programming choices from the drop-down menus, then write in any additional setup information in the comments box during checkout. We will program your new ECU before shipping for simple plug-n-play operation.

This ECU is designed for use with 05-06 style engine harnesses. If you are using an 02-04 style engine harness, you will also need our K series ECU Jumper Harness so that the ECU will plug into your engine harness.

What about the immobilizer?
Stock K series ECU's all have a built in immobilizer that will prevent the engine from starting if not used on a vehicle with a correctly programmed key. 88-00 Civics and 90-01 Integras do not have a compatable immobilizer system for use with this ECU. To solve this issue, our K-Swap ECU has the immobilizer system disabled within the ECU so that a programmed key is no longer needed. The multiplex unit and emissions related controls are also disabled for your convenience.

I'm using an 02-04 RSX transmission. Can I still use this ECU?
Absolutely! We can program the ECU to work with the 02-04 style speed sensor without any further modifications needed. You will not need to install a different speed sensor or do any extra wiring! Simply select your transmission from the drop-down menus above.

Can I have this ECU tuned for my car on a dyno?
Yes. This ECU is setup for use with the KTuner system. The ECU is socketed so that a KTuner dealer board or end-user board can easily be plugged into the ECU and reprogrammed. The ECU can be further tuned/reprogrammed at any KTuner dealer that offers dyno tuning (subject to dealer tuning and reprogramming fees).

Can I upgrade this ECU later?
Yes. If you wish to further upgrade this ECU, all you will need is a KTuner End User System. The KTuner End User System will plug directly into this ECU with no further modifications needed.

Do I need a laptop to use this ECU?
No, the ECU is ready for use as-is. The ECU is pre-programmed to run you engine without any further modifications or programming. Simply plug-in and start your engine.


02-04 Acura RSX / 02-05 Civic Si EP3 to 05-06 Acura RSX ECU Jumper Harness - Manual Transmission
HA Motorsports ECU jumper harness for installing a KTuner equipped 05-06 ECU into 02-04 RSX, 02-05 EP3 Civic Si, or K-swap when using an 02-04 style engine harness. This harness is for use on manual transmission equipped vehicles only. Uses all new OEM connectors for OE quality fitment. All HA Motorsports ECU jumper harnesses are constructed using cross-linked automotive TXL wire which exceeds OEM specifications and is extremely durable.
KTuner End-User Board Revision 1 Tuning System
This is the all-new KTuner tuning system for use with K series engines. This board is designed to be used with any of our KTuner prepared K series ECU's. These ECU's are all based on the 05-06 K series ECU platform which will work plug-n-play in many applications, or can be used with a jumper harness on others.