84-87 Honda CRX Application Guide

1984-1987 Honda CRX DX models have a carbureted engine that use an engine computer to control some carburetor functions. These models are not currently supported by any of our tuning systems.

1985-1987 CRX Si models have a fuel injected engine with multi-port fuel injection. In order to tune this engine, heavy modification of the engine and engine controls are needed. We do not recommend attempting this unless heavy modifications are done to the engine or an engine swap is performed. You will need to convert the engine's distributor system over to a 92-00 Civic style distributor and use an OBD0 to OBD1 ECU jumper harness to modify the ECU's plugs to fit an OBD1 tunable ECU. Additional modification of the engine and cabin wire harness is also needed in order to wire the engine to run on the OBD1 ECU. This is beyond the scope of this article and we recommend you do extensive research before beginning.
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