Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer / Reader

Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer / Reader

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The Moates BURN2 Chip reader/programmer is the perfect device for programming/burning chips as well as reading the programming from a chip that is already programmed. Using the BURN2 and the Crome software, you can easily read a Crome programmed chip, make any changes needed to the programming, then burn/program those changes back onto the chip. Or, create a new basemap using Crome, then program the basemap onto a new/blank chip with the BURN2. Works excellent with our SST chips!


  • BURN2 programmer/reader
  • USB cable

    What software do I use with the BURN2 to program chips?

  • For use with OBD1 Honda/Acura ECU's, we recommend using Crome (either the free version, or Crome Pro). You can read chips directly from the Crome software with the BURN2 as well as program/burn the chip directly within Crome.
  • For use on other vehicle applications and/or software not supported by Crome, you can use the Moates Flash-n-burn software (download link below)


  • Self powered via included USB 2.0 cable, no additional wiring or connections required.
  • Updated, more compact version of the original Moates BURN1. (now discontinued)
  • Can read program from chip, as well as burn program to chip via the included USB cable.
  • Works excellent for programming chips with Crome, Crome Pro, and Crome dealer version.

- All HA Motorsports ECU's, products, and services include a One Full-Year VIP Warranty.

Click here to view Flash-n-Burn software Operation Manual

Click here to download the software drivers for the BURN2

Click here to download "Flash and Burn" to program outside of a tuning program / rom editor

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