Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer

Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer

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The Moates BURN2 Chip Programmer/Burner/Reader is a revolutionary development for programming and reading 28 and 32 pin ROM's. The BURN2 works flawlessly with our SST 27SF512 Chips. Comes complete with Chip Programmer/Reader, and 4 ft. USB cable.


  • Self powered via included USB 2.0 cable, no additional wiring or connections required.
  • Includes software/ USB drivers (downloadable).
  • Updated, more compact version of the original Moates BURN1.
  • Can read program from chip, as well as burn program to chip via the included USB cable.
  • Works excellent for programming chips with Crome, Crome Pro, and Crome dealer version.

Click here to view Operation Manual

Click here to download the software drivers for the BURN2

Click here to download "Flash and Burn" to program outside of a tuning program / rom editor

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