Replacement 220uf 35v Main Capacitor for 'C14' Location

Replacement 220uf 35v Main Capacitor for 'C14' Location
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Replacement long life 220uf 35v capacitor for board location C14 on OBD1 civic / integra ECU's. The original capacitor has a life span of around 15-20 years, which is about how old most OBD1 ECU's are. When the capacitor blows it usually burns the solder tracks on the board making the ECU almost useless. Replacing as a preventative measure will give you peace of mind that the ECU will continue functioning for a long time. Install in the same direction as the original capacitor with the white marked side facing away from the ECU plugs.


Replacement Capacitor Set for USDM OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU's
Set of replacement minor capacitors for all common OBD1 US Civic/ Integra ECU's. OBD1 ECU's have many capacitors on the circuit board that begin to leak over time. The leaking fluid from these capacitors ends up damaging the ECU board and causing ECU problems if left unattended