HA Motorsports Custom Basemap Programmed Chip (Crome)

HA Motorsports Custom Basemap Programmed Chip (Crome)

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Our custom programmed basemap chips are the solution to getting your vehicle up and running on an OBD1 socketed/chipped ECU if your engine is either heavily modified or is a mix-match of components. If you are ordering a socketed OBD1 ECU from us at the same time as ordering a basemap, we will install this basemap chip in your ECU and test before shipping. This will offer a simple plug-n-play option that will only require you to install your ECU into your vehicle and then start. As with any custom engine build or change in engine management setup, we HIGHLY recommend dyno tuning whenever possible. This custom basemap is only a BASEMAP to get you up and running. This is NOT to be used as a final tune.

Please provide your engine specs in the comments section so that we may provide the best basemap for your application. We encourage you to provide as much information on your engine setup as possible when ordering so that we may program the best possible basemap for you needs. Please specify your engine block type and any internal modifications, what intake manifold (ie: stock manifold, Skunk2, individual throttle bodies, etc.), camshafts, if you need any sensors disabled (ie: vtec pressure switch, knock sensor, etc.) All basemaps are designed and programmed in house. We can create a basemap for almost any engine combination imaginable!

NOTE: Our custom basemap program is a BASEMAP only. We have extensive experience developing programming for engines and our basemaps typically run very well, however, it is impossible to develop a final tuned map without having your vehicle here on a dyno for a live tuning session. Due to the large number of factors that affect ECU programming like fuel pressure changes, intake system efficiency, engine wear, engine electrical system condition, etc., we simply cannot guarantee how well your engine will run on our basemaps. This is not to be used as a final tuned program for running your custom engine setup.

Custom basemap features:

• Any D,B,F, or H series engine program<br>
• VTEC or Non-VTEC engines<br>
• adjust maps for boost tables<br>
• add launch control<br>
• program for larger injectors<br>
• change rev limit<br>
• change VTEC engagement<br>
• check engine light shift light<br>
• unlimited other adjustments available<br>
• suited to your specific engine<br>
• developed using Crome Pro* dealer version<br>

Menu Options:

Engine: Select the engine configuration that most closely matches your engine. If your engine is not listed, simply select "OTHER" and leave the information in the comments box.

Aspiration: Select if your engine is all-motor/na , turbocharged, or supercharged.

Map Sensor: Select the MAP sensor that you are using. This MUST match the map sensor that is on your engine or your car will not run. If your map sensor is not listed, simply select "OTHER" and provide your map sensor information in the comments box.

Fuel Injectors: Select the fuel injectors that you are using. This MUST match the injectors that are installed on your engine or it will run very poorly if it even runs at all. If your injectors are not listed, simply select "OTHER" and provide your fuel injector information in the comments box.

REV Limit: This should be set to a safe RPM for your engine. A higher REV limit does not necessarily mean more power. Choose a limit that is safe for your engine.

Shift Light: The shift light option will illuminate your check engine light on your dash to serve as an indicator that you are approaching the REV limit. This simply provides an easy way to know when you need to shift to the next higher gear. We recommend setting this 200-400 rpm before the rev limit -or- whatever RPM you'd like to be notified to shift.

Launch Control RPM: Launch control will set a lower rev limit while the vehicle is not moving to work as a launching RPM. When stopped, you will be able to hold the gas pedal to the floor and only rev to the Launch Control RPM until you let the clutch out and begin moving. Once your car begins moving, the regular rev limit will resume. Your speed sensor MUST be working properly for this to work. If your speed sensor is not functioning, the launch control will be stuck engaged even while moving. We recommend to set the launch control RPM to an RPM that allows your tires to very lightly spin when the clutch pedal is released. If you do not wish to have this feature on your basemap, please select "NO LAUNCH CONTROL" and we will not add this to your program.  This function operates using a fuel cut ONLY.  The CROME software does not allow a proper ignition cut for this feature, so only a fuel cut is available.

VTEC Engagement RPM: This is the RPM at which your VTEC will engage. This should be at an RPM that allows the smoothest transition. If you are unsure about what RPM to use, please select "NOT SURE" and we will set this at the best RPM for you. If you are ordering a basemap for a non-vtec engine, please select "NO VTEC".

Knock Sensor: If your engine has a knock sensor installed AND your ECU has knock sensor circuitry then this can be left enabled. This will simply allow the ECU to retard ignition timing if engine knock/detonation is detected. If you are using an ECU that does <u>not</u> have knock sensor circuitry (ie: P28) then this should be set to "DISABLED".

ELD: This is the Electronic Load Detector. This allows the ECU to detect when an electrical load is placed on the engine (ie: head lights turned on) and raise the idle speed. If you are working on an OBD0 platform (90-91 integra, 88-91 civic/crx) then this should be disabled. Most other platforms can leave this enabled, but will not cause any major problem if left disabled.

Oxygen Sensor: If you have a functioning oxygen sensor installed and would like the ECU to use O2 sensor feedback for emissions, etc. then this can be set to "ENABLED". If you do not want the ECU to use O2 feedback, or you do not have a functioning O2 sensor installed, select "DISABLED". This can typically be left as "DISABLED" on any setup without any problems, and is recommended to be disabled on the basemap if the engine is not stock or nearly stock until the engine is properly tuned.

Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit: The O2 sensor heater circuit allows faster response from the O2 sensor to begin using O2 feedback. If you are using a one wire O2 sensor, leave this as "DISABLED". If you are using a 4 wire O2 sensor and would like this on for emissions purposes, then select "ENABLED".


Ask a Question
  • Is this all I need to chip my ecu? And will it cause harm to run this base map if my engine is near stock?

    The ECU needs to be socketed in order to install the chip.  From there, the car needs to be tuned.  The basemap is only to be used to get a custom engine setup up and running to begin the tuning process.

  • Are your chips EPROM or EEPROM

    EEPROM (SST27SF512)

  • I have a b18b1 with turbo 255 high flow fuel pump with 440 rc injectors stock internals Stock map sensor is there anyway I can get a chip for my Ecu to brave to drive there on 6 pounds of boost

    Yes, just be sure to write all of your engine setup info in the comments box at checkout, thanks!

  • Do you have chips for 2016 civic 1.5L turbo cvt Trans

    The 2016 Civic ECU doesn't use a chip, it is programmed using a Flash system.  You can use either a Hondata FlashPro system or KTuner Flash system to tune this vehicle.

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