OBD2A 96-99 Integra AUTO to OBD1 JDM GSR AUTO Conversion Harness - HA Motorsports

OBD2A 96-99 Integra AUTO to OBD1 JDM GSR AUTO Conversion Harness

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HA Motorsports ECU jumper harness for installing a JDM OBD1 GSR Automatic (4-plug) ECU into an OBD2A 1996-1999 Integra auto chassis with the JDM GSR automatic transmission and either US or JDM B18C1/GSR engine. Uses all new OEM connectors for OE quality fitment. HA Motorsports ECU jumper harnesses are constructed using cross-linked automotive TXL wire that exceeds OEM specifications and is extremely durable. The 96-99 OBD2A Integra factory transmission control unit (TCU) is on the driver's side, while the factory engine control unit (ECU) is on the passenger's side. The JDM "4-Plug" auto GSR ECU controls the engine AND transmission from the ECU/PCM. This harness has a long extension to reach the transmission control unit connectors on the driver's side. You will mount the new ECU in the same place as the factory ECU, then connect this harness to the factory ECU connectors on the driver's side and the new ECU. From there you will route the extended part of the harness underneath the dash all the way to the factory TCU location. Unplug and remove the stock TCU. Connect the harness to your factory TCU connectors. Be sure to route the harness in a safe manner free from pedals, etc. and secure as needed.

This harness is designed specifically for use in this application:

  • 1996-1999 Integra A/T chassis with a B18C1/GSR engine AND the JDM GSR automatic transmission. Use the JDM OBD1 GSR/P72 "4-plug" ECU. Please note the OBD1 ECU will NOT communicate with OBD2 scan tools / code readers and therefore will not pass emissions testing in this vehicle. The JDM GSR 4-Plug ECU will ONLY work with either a JDM GSR auto transmission or US 94-95 Integra LS Auto transmission. You CANNOT use this harness with the JDM GSR 4-plug ECU along with the factory 96-99 Integra auto transmission.
Important: The OBD1 JDM GSR/P72 ECU is NOT able to be chipped/modified/etc. like the USDM P72 ECU's, therefore we recommend this setup only when using a stock or nearly stock B18C1 engine. If you will be modifying your engine, turbocharging, tuning, etc. we recommend our jumper harness setups that use a separate transmission control unit along with a separate chipped/tunable OBD1 ECU. All HA Motorsports ECU's, products, and services include a One Full-Year VIP Warranty


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