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Don't have a dyno anywhere near you? Don't trust a local tuner with your prized engine build? We have an answer for you with our Remote Engine Tuning Assistance Program (E-tune). Trust our tuning systems expertise to properly tune your engine for your mods remotely via email. Let us do all the hard work configuring your tune from our location while you simply drive and datalog!

What is an eTune, or e-tuning?

An eTune is a method of tuning your engine management system for your engine modifications remotely. With the advancements in engine management systems capabilities, along with our tuning expertise, we can develop a custom "tune" for your engine based solely on your engine sensor feedback. You will drive your vehicle while datalogging. When you complete your drive, you will save the datalog file and email it to us as an email attachment. We will use this data to develop a custom tuned map/program for your engine and vehicle.

What tuning systems can I use for E-tuning? 

  • Crome Pro / Crome Dealer
  • Neptune RTP
  • Hondata S300
  • KTuner (End User Board, Flash)
  • Hondata KPro
  • Hondata FlashPro

What do I need to be able to use the eTune service?

  • Laptop computer with your tuning software installed and operational.
  • Wideband O2 sensor properly installed if using Crome, Neptune RTP, or Hondata S300. KTuner, Kpro, and FlashPro systems can use the factory wideband sensor.
  • Be able to operate your tuning software to upload basemap revisions and record datalogs.

Do I need to already have a basemap before beginning my eTune?

No. We can create a basemap for you to use as a starting point for e-tuning at no additional charge. If you already have a basemap that you've been using, simply email a copy of your basemap to us after submitting your order and we can use that as your starting point.

Is it OK to only have my car E-tuned and never take my car to be dyno tuned?

Yes! Our eTuning process will tune your engine for real-world conditions that your car will actually be racing in. This is more accurate than a tune done solely on a dyno. For race engines that need to extract the absolute most power from their engines, a dyno tune should be considered in addition to our eTune.  A dyno cannot simulate the real world conditions of driving/racing through corners, slowing, then part throttle, back to acceleration, etc..

Standard eTune Service - up to 10 tune revisions

  • Ideal for all-motor engines running standard pump gasoline.
  • Our standard eTune service will get you up and running with your custom engine build and/or new engine management system without ever being strapped onto a dyno.
  • Expect a smooth, steady idle and smooth, strong powerband once completed.
  • One-on-one tuning assistance with our tuning experts. We will provide one-on-one help to guide you with your tuning needs and offer the best possible final tune for your engine setup within 10 quick tune revisions.

Pro eTune Service - up to 25 tune revisions.

  • Ideal for all-motor engines running standard pump gasoline up to fully-built turbocharged engines running C16, E85, etc.
  • Our Pro eTune service continues on from where the standard eTune ends with an additional 15 tune revisions. These additional revisions will allow us to setup proper boost cut, experiment with different boost levels, VTEC engagement points to improve turbo spool time, play with camshaft timing, etc. to create the best possible tune for your engine setup without ever being strapped onto a dyno.
  • Expect a smooth, steady idle and smooth, strong powerband once completed.
  • One-on-one tuning assistance with our tuning experts. We will provide one-on-one help to guide you with your tuning needs and offer the best possible final tune for your engine setup with up to 25 tune revisions.
  • Full engine tuning - fuel tables, ignition tables, idle parameters, fuel injector calibration, closed loop parameters, warm-up routines, and so much more!

How does the eTuning process work?

  • We receive your online order for your eTune along with your engine setup details (you will need to provide this info in the comments/notes box at checkout).
  • We will either create a basemap, or use a basemap that you provide as a starting point. We will email this to you as an email attachment.
  • You receive our email with your basemap along with information on driving routines we need in your datalog. You will then download the basemap to your laptop, then upload this to your ECU.
  • You will begin driving your vehicle while datalogging and save the datalog when completed.
  • You will email the datalog file as an attachment to us.
  • We will review your datalog and modify your tune as needed using the information obtained from your datalog. This is where our expertise and dedication will work for you! You can rest at ease and enjoy the rest of your day, while we do all of the work on tuning your map.
  • We will email a revised version of your basemap to you as an email attachment along with instructions for how to drive on your next datalogs. (These instructions may include things like: datalog from a cold start and allow the engine to fully warm while idling, do a 3rd gear full throttle run from 2500 rpm to 6500 rpm, maintain a steady speed in 4th gear for 30 seconds, etc.)
  • We will repeat steps 4 through 7 until your tune is dialed in (up to the number of revisions you ordered). This will create the best possible tune for your engine based on real world operating conditions. Your tune will be dialed in for a steady idle, proper cold start warm-up, part throttle driving, acceleration, and a smooth and strong powerband all the way to redline. Our tunes are a perfect balance between overall engine power, engine safety, and driving enjoyment.

Is there a time limit for me to complete the datalogs?

In order to complete this process in a timely matter, and to allow us to provide this service to future customers, we ask that each datalog be completed and emailed to us within 7 calendar days from when you receive each tune revision. We will email revisions of your tune typically within 24-48 hours, but you can take up to 7 days to complete the datalogs and email them to us. We will wait patiently and complete the revisions once each datalog is provided. If we do not receive your datalog(s) within 7 days, we will assume you are satisfied with the tune revision and no longer wish to have further revisions provided.

Please contact us for further info or questions regarding our etuning service.


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