SwapBox-K Immobilizer Bypass Box
SwapBox-K Immobilizer Bypass Box - HA Motorsports

SwapBox-K Immobilizer Bypass Box

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The Swapbox is a revolutionary piggy-back device that allows the 02-04 Rsx and 02-05 Civic Si ECU's immobilizer to be bypassed. The Swapbox-K features simple, 4 wire connection which can be spliced into your harness near your ECU. After connection, the immobilizer will now be disabled and allow the ECU to start without a programmed chipped key.  The signal produced by the swapbox-K not only bypasses the immobilizer, but it also simulates a multiplex unit to prevent the ECU from giving a check engine light for the multiplexer on engine swaps.

Important: The swapbox-K simulates the multiplex unit to keep the check engine light off from the multiplex not being 'seen'.  Because of this, the swapbox-K is ONLY for use on engine swaps into other chassis (ie: 92-00 Civic, etc.), and not for use in the RSX, EP3, or 01-05 Civic chassis.

Works ONLY with ECU's from the following vehicles:

  • 02-04 Acura RSX base and RSX type S
  • 02-04 Civic Si hatchback
  • 01-04 Civic DX,LX,EX D17A1


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  • Hi, I have an 03 rsx-s, I put a stock ecu from a donor 02-04 rsx-s ecu. After bypassing the immobilizer with your bypass box. Now my temp isn’t working and also my ac wont engage

    The swapbox-K is for use on vehicles with engine swaps, not the original vehicle.  This is because the swapbox-K also disables the multiplex which causes the issue you've described.

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