Crome / Crome Pro Software

Downloadable Crome Tuning Software. For use with OBD1 civic/ integra ECU's only.

NOTE: Due to the various software problems within Crome, we have provided the newest version along with older versions below so that you can try each to find which works best for your specific laptop/operating system:

Crome 1.4.5 (Updated Nov 1, 2007) Download

Crome 1.5.0 (Updated June 1, 2008) Download

Crome 1.5.3 (Updated March 28, 2009) Download

Crome 1.5.5 (Updated June 23, 2009) Download <- Required for use with Demon Module

Crome is software designed by John Cui in conjunction with the PGMFI.ORG Forum to edit OBD1 Civic / Integra ROM's. The name 'Crome' stands for Cui's ROM Editor. Crome comes in three versions: Crome Free, Crome Pro, and Crome Dealer. All versions share the same features with the exception of the datalogging and tuning features only available with the Pro and Dealer versions.

Crome Screenshots:

Crome Basic Features : GUI (Graphical User Interface)

+ User friendly
+ Colorized tables to easily distinguish values
+ Full-featured menu to easily navigate through the different application functions
+ Easy access to common application functions through graphical toolbar buttons
+ Access application functions through predefined key combinations (shortcuts)
+ Context sensitive menus makes distinguishing which functions are applicable easy
+ Live feedback from GUI items makes clear exactly what values are on the ROM

Crome Basic Features : Editing

+ Edit things intuitively the way you would normally see them on other applications (ie. table editing like in MS Excel)
+ Easily navigate through different editable regions through shortcuts or buttons on the toolbar
+ Undo History keeps track of any changes made to the ROM and lets you undo and redo changes quickly and easily
+ Use common Windows™ features and shortcuts for file management (New, Open, Save, etc.) and editing (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.)
+ Context sensitive system lets users know which areas are not editable
+ Two modes of editing in graphical view: using keyboard shortcuts, or by simply clicking and draging the lines
+ Simplified editing of complex routines such as VTEC and RPM limitters means you don't need to know how those features work, you just enter an RPM value of you choice
+ Advanced tables editing allows for advanced users to tweak their system optimally for their needs
+ Handy tools to make life easier include: Fuel Multiplier Calculator, Boost Tables Adjustment, and Advance Tables
+ Editable Regions
+ Tables can be edited in many different ways, one cell at a time or the entire table. All common Windows™ function work including: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All
+ Additional table editing capabilities include: Increment Selection, Decrement Selection, Adjust Selection, Interpolate Selection, Smooth Selection, and Smooth Entire Table
+ Table headers can also be edited by simply doubl-clicking and entering your desired value
+ Navigate through each point on the graph by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Make regional selections by holding the Shift key
+ Graphs can be edited by using keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to increase and decrease the selected point respectively or by selecting a point and clicking and dragging it to the desired value
+ Editable ROM Features - most of these features can be found on the Options panel
+ Ignition and Fuel tables for both low speed and high speed cams
+ Rpm limitter
+ Speed limitter
+ Target Idles (cold and warm)
+ Idle Air Controller Valve duty cycle adjustment
+ VTEC engagement and advanced VTEC parameters (load switches, etc.)
+ IAB engagement
+ Oxygen Sensor target values
+ Gear based fuel correction values (includes correction for neutral)
+ Enable or disable various sensors
- Knock Sensor
- Electrical Load Detector
- Barometric Pressure Sensor
- Injector Test Circuitry
- Oxygen Sensor
- Oxygen Heater
- VTEC Speed Check
- VTEC Engine Coolant Temperature Check
- VTEC Pressure Check
- VTEC Solenoid Feedback Check
- Debug Mode
+ More - more ROM features can be edited with the use of additional plugins

Through the use of plugins, the capabilities of Crome become limitless. The user can add support and edit for forced induction systems, individual throttle bodies, and nitrous systems. The following features are included with Crome by default.

Crome Basic Features : Plugins

+ Add additional features through use of plugins
+ Forced Indcution Support
+ Increased table resolution
+ Use any MAP sensor
+ Individual Throttle Body Support (ITB's)
+ MAP+TPS (Alpha-N) table indexing for superb idling characteristics and optimal driving performance
+ Use any TPS sensor
+ Fuel Corrections
+ Overall fuel correction scales the fuel table values according to your injector setup
+ Closed loop fuel corrections allow the user the adjust how much the O2 sensor compensates during closed loop operations
+ Throttle tip-in correction lets the user modify how much additional fuel is injected upon agressive throttle tip-in
+ Startup fuel adjustments
+ Engine coolant temperature fuel adjustments
+ Intake air temperature fuel adjustments
+ Individual cylinder trim
+ ROM Enhancements
+ Increase RPM limits up to 11,000 RPM
+ Add datalogging capabilities
+ Full throttle launch & Full throttle shifting (3-step RPM)**
+ Boost cut**
+ Fuel+Ignition rev limitter to produce higher boost when launching
+ Traction control**
+ ** (Crome official versions available with Dealer license only)
+ Additional ROM Support - other ROMs can be supported by Crome through the use of plugins. Below is a short list of supported ROMs.
+ OBD0 PW0 (JDM & EDM)
+ OBD0 PR3
+ OBD0 PM6/7
+ OBDI P13 and related ROMs

Crome Basic Features : Real-Time Programming

+ Support for several real-time programmable devices
+ Upload ROM image to RTP device or 'Put'
+ Download ROM image from RTP device or 'Get'
+ Verify data between Crome and RTP device or 'Verify'
+ Realtime updates enable on the fly editing without the need to actively upload the ROM image
+ A host of supported RTP devices
+ Xtronics Pocket ROMulator
+ Ostrich
+ APU1
+ Support for BURN1 chip burner as well

Crome Basic Features : Miscellaneous

+ Access to the Crome scripting engine anytime by using the Command tool. Enter any valid expression and execute it without the need to write up a script. This is useful for testing and developing scripts.
+ Stored User Settings - Crome stores common user settings to adapt to the users needs
+ Ignition table adjustment factors
+ Fuel table adjustment factors
+ Target lambda table adjustment factors
+ Map smoothing threshold
+ Rev limitter resume offset
+ Launch limitter resume offset
+ Shift limitter resume offset
+ VTEC disengage offset
+ IAB disengage offset
+ RTP hardware type and connection settings
+ Viewed units (Speed, Temperature, Pressure, Air-Fuel Ratios)
+ Other features that are not very obvious such as switching between vacuum view and boost view when selecting 'View Graph' more than once

Crome Pro/Dealer Features : Datalogging

+ Datalog different parameters in real-time
+ Save datalogs for later use
+ Export datalogs for use with spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel
+ Replay saved datalogs
+ Map tracing lets the user track where within the table the ECU is running from
+ Single cell map tracing is poineered by John Cui for OBD1 Honda in order to get more accurate and higher resolution lambda recordings
+ Tabulated and averaged lambda readings to be used as guidlines for optimal tuning
+ Tabulated knock sensor readings indicate what spots are causing knock
+ Customize air-fuel ratio formulas to match your Wide-Band Oxygen sensor
+ MIL/CEL indicator with a comprehensive error reporting allows for quick assesment of engine trouble codes
+ Recorded Parameters
+ Engine Speed
+ Vehicle Speed
+ Current Gear
+ Manifold Absolute Pressure
+ Boost Pressure
+ Throttle Position
+ Injector Duration in milliseconds
+ Injector Duty Cycle
+ Ignition Advance
+ Knock Retard
+ Intake Air Temperature
+ Engine Coolant Temperature
+ Oxygen Sensor Voltage
+ Air-Fuel Ratio based on user defined table
+ VTEC indicator
+ MIL/CEL indicator
+ Recording Duration in milliseconds

Crome Pro/Dealer Features : Tuning

+ Smart Tracker links cell selection with map tracing for quick cell manipulation on dynamometers
+ Highly user definable recording conditions allows the user to tune for specific conditions such as tuning for a particular gear, or tuning for particular spot on the rpm band
+ Toggle tunable table cells to exlude certain areas or to pin-point a specific spot to be tuned
+ Auto-adjustment engine automatically applies the right amount changes to the fuel table based on user defined settings
+ Data Filtering applies statistical math to the recorded air-fuel ratios and helps weed out and correct statistically erroneous values
+ Smart Fill helps fill in gaps in the recording tables by using the neighboring cells to calculate the values of empty cells
+ Live Auto-Adjustments allows the user to tune a vehicle hands-free. By setting initial tuning parameters, Crome will continually make auto-adjustments without the need for the user to actively click a button or press any key.**
+ Manual tuning helpers give users who like to manually tune the fuel tables some helpful information to let them make decision quickly
+ ** requires an Real-Time Programmable device Through the proper use of these tuning tools, a skilled tuner can street tune a vehicle in less than an hour. Dyno-tuning is also accelerated when used in conjunction with a Real-Time Programmable device. Changes can made instantaneously and instant feedback from the dyno can make deciding what to do more obvious and less puzzling.

System Requirements:

The following are minimum requirements for running Crome.

•Windows® 98 SE or higher, Windows® NT 4.0
•Microsoft® Scripting Engine and Script Controller
•Pentium 400 MHz
•128 MB of system memory
•10 MB of hard drive space
•Serial Port or USB Port

For datalogging with Crome, it is recommended to have have higher system memory.

Setting Up Crome:

If downloaded from an archive file (zip file), extract the Crome setup file 'csxxx.exe' (where xxx refers to the version) from the archive and double-click to run the installer. Click 'Next' to confirm the installation and continue with the following steps:

1.Use the password '' to continue with the installation.
2.Read the End User License Agreement select to agree or not. If you do not agree with the terms, the isntaller will terminate the installation process.
3.Select the directory where Crome will be installed. The default directory is in your Program Files folder. Click 'Next' to continue.
4.Select the Start Menu folder where the shortcut to Crome will be placed. The default is in the Crome folder. Click 'Next' to continue.
5.Select additional shortcuts to be placed during installation. Click 'Next' to continue.
6.Review the installation options and click 'Install' to begin extracting the files.
7.Click on 'Finish' to complete the installation. You will be given an option to run Crome after installation.

You have just completed installing Crome on your computer. For further instructions on how to use the applicatioin, refer to the User's Guide. To purchase a license, continue with the next topic.

How to Register:

The version of Crome downloaded is a free "as-is" non-commercial version. You can use it for personal or education purposes or use it to evaluate the software before purchasing a license. This version contains a 'Nag Screen' which reminds you of the basic terms you are agreeing with by using the software. The nag screen also indicates whether or not you have a licensed copy of Crome.

To purchase a Crome Pro or Dealer license and take advantage of the 'Tuner' features of Crome, which includes datalogging, map tracing, and auto-tuning, you will need to registration form by either clicking on 'Register' on the introductory screen or by going to 'Help->Register' on the main menu and clicking on 'Register'. You will be brought to the following window:

Click on 'Get Reg String' and you will brought to a website where you can purchase either a Pro or Dealer license. Once you've made your purchase, you will receive an email from John Cui with a Registration String to unlock the software. Copy and paste the Registration String into the 'Reg String' field. Click on 'Register' and you will be prompted whether you have entered the Registration String correctly. If successful, restart Crome and you are now ready to take advantage of the full capabilities of Crome.

One of the best features of Crome is that a FREE version is available for download that will allow you to edit Honda Rom files and add many advanced features such as fuel and ignition map changes, launch control, injector scaling, and much more. Crome free can be upgraded to Crome Pro for those who wish to datalog and use other advanced features that will significantly enhance the user's ability to tune their engine.

All Crome downloads are password protected. The idea is to make sure that even if Crome is mirrored elsewhere, the downloader will know where the software originated. The password is:

Crome must first be downloaded as the free version HERE.

Download, extract, and run the setup file to install Crome on your computer. Once installed, open Crome by clicking Start>Programs>Crome>Crome. A prompt will appear reminding you that Crome was developed in conjunction with Pgmfi forums. Click OK.

The free version of Crome will allow you to modify fuel and timing maps, and even use a ROMulator like the Moates Ostrich to upload changes in real-time. However in order to datalog, and more importantly use the cell tracing features, you will need to upgrade to Crome Pro.

To upgrade to Crome Pro, you must open Crome and go to 'Help->Register' on the main menu. (You will need an internet connection for this step) Click on 'Get Reg String' and you will be sent to a webpage where you can purchase a Crome Pro or Dealer license. Your system's Serial ID will also be preloaded into the order form. Once you've completed the transaction, you will receive an email from John Cui with your Registration String to unlock the Pro features of Crome. As of this article, the price for Crome Pro is $149.00 for unlimitted use on one computer. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE LAPTOP YOU INTEND TO TUNE WITH WHEN YOU UPGRADE TO PRO. Your computer's serial ID is used for your registration string and will ONLY work on the laptop used when upgraded!!