Customer Reviews - What do our customers have to say?

"Hello. I would like to complement on a great basemap. Finally got everything working correctly and the basemap is great. I look forward to using more of your products in the near future. I will also be spreading the word on quality of your product. Thank you"

"Hi, I got my ECU!! And the packaging was very Professional, I really like how y'all build these ECU's it looks Brand New!! "

"No seriously -- Here is a quick store about the quality of service at HA Motorsports. A couple of years ago I purchased an ECU from them. Took my ECU to the local tuner, had it chipped and installed. Tuner comes back says there is something wrong with your ECU. Preparing for HA Motorsports to tell me the test every ECU and that my tuner screwed up, I placed the call anyway. The told me to ship it back to them and I did. The called me said it is working fine, however we are going to leave it on the test bench over night. The next morning I get a call stating there is a glitch with it, they sent me a new/updated ECU.

While you may not be buying an ECU from them, I bet they would stand behind a wiring harness just the same. "

"Hi, I received the jumper harness this afternoon and 60 seconds later it was working as advertised. Very happy guy's it plugged straight in. A lot of people in our industry use the term " Plug and play " very loosely. You can use it in CAPITAL LETTERS. You need a reference in Aus, send them my way. Thanks again"

"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this. It was a very strange failure... it was running and suddenly died. I'm glad you have the expertise to diagnose failures to such a level. Again, I appreciate the work and you definetely have exceptional support! If you ever need a reference, I'd be glad to provide one."

"Thank you so much! This has to be the best customer service I have ever had! I have to say your honesty is greatly appreciated! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know in the car scene! And trust me in the near future I will purchase hondata once again I just need to take care of a few things first! Thank you again have a nice day."

"You guys are awesome in tech support! I'll have no problem recommending your store.. Thanks again.."

"Thank you guys so much my friend referred me to you and I am Impressed with the turn around so again thanks for your service and installation"

"My car is up and running thank you again for your help and for making the experience a solid one you guys are tops my co workers can't believe how easy you guys made it for me. I really appreciate your professionalism and your contact thru e-mails, thank you x100"

"Just wanted to thank you guys for your excellent work and knowledge. The type r and the b20v are running a lot better now! Feeling a lot smoother throughout the power band too. Ill definitely be using you guys in the future and referring new people to you as well. Thanks again!"

"Hey guys I have used [business name omitted] for years but I wanted to give another shop a try at first was pretty upset with usps as they took 3 extra days to deliver my ecu but all of that waiting was well worth it when I opened the box superb work a very very clean board and refurbishment of the existing case beautiful powder coat perfectly machined plug in hole for the s300 data port swapped the s300 from the bad ecu to the new in 5 minutes my car was purring like a kitten very impressed with the quality of the solder work and the over all customer service and ecu as a whole I will never use another shop for ecu work 5 star quality hamotorsports is great only thing I would change is you guys need to send a sticker so I can rep an amazing shop!"

"This company by far has one of the best customer service I have ever encountered period. This is what helps HA Motorsports be the best it can be, I will always shop HA when I need electronics and such."

"Good news! Car is working fine. Thanks for working this out. I am a very satisfied customer."

"Awesome customer service on your guys' part, I recommend you to everyone looking for ECU's, tuning, and everything else electronics related. It's hard to find honest companies like your own."

"HA Motorsports has been absolutely great very very fast at answering all the questions I had they have a huge tech library and very professional and high quality products I am sold and will give them all of my business from now on."

"I'd like to give a shout out to the sales department for taking care of my tune after purchasing 2 different chips and had a injector discrepancy they figured out and sent me another that my car runs great pulls through all gears and everything was above and beyond what any other company out there I've dealt with.. thank you guys and I give you a 5 of 5 stars for service and the whole experience in my dealings thank you.."

"I received my ECU today , installed it and without any problems started my 1998 Honda Prelude. I highly recommend your business and professional service."

"... see this why I like dealing with you guys, you got good products, good customer service, you reply back timely and you have quick shipping."

"This base map is amazing so much better then any of the base maps ive tried or purchased. Thanks again!"