Hondata 4 Bar MAP Sensor - D, B, F, H Series Engines

Hondata 4 Bar MAP Sensor - D, B, F, H Series Engines

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The Hondata 4 bar map sensor eliminates the many hassles associated with common replacement map sensors on boosted engines. The factory Honda map sensor can only read boost accurately up to just under 1 bar (11 psi). Most other map sensors will require splicing your engine harness and rewiring to fit the new sensor. This not only makes for an unsightly install, but leaves room for mistakes and lengthy trouble shooting when things don't work out right. Eliminate all of the headaches with this Hondata 4 bar plug and play map sensor. This map sensor not only reads up to 4 bar (about 43 psi) when other aftermarket map sensors stop at 3, but it is also completely plug-n-play. The hondata map sensor has the same connector as you factory sensor and screws right into place.

This Map Sensor Fits all D, B, F, and H Series Civic/ Integra/ Accord/ Prelude/ and '00-'05 S2000 engines that utilize a throttle body mounted MAP sensor.

NOTE: Not to be used with a stock/unprogrammed factory ECU. Due to the different pressure to voltage scaling with the Hondata 4 bar vs. the stock Honda MAP sensor, you must have a programmable ECU / chipped ECU that will allow the new Map sensor specs to be set. Below are the settings for use with our recommended tuning systems:

Hondata S300 / Smanager:

- Select PARAMETERS > MAP > REPLACEMENT MAP SENSOR > HONDATA/OMNIPOWER 4 BAR. This will allow your ECU to read the new map sensor's voltage correctly...

Neptune RTP:

- Select PARAMETERS > MAIN SETTINGS > MAP SENSOR > OMNIPOWER 4 BAR. This will allow the ECU to read the new 4 bar map sensor voltage correctly..

- To display the boost tables, you will need to expand using the right arrow as indicated..

- Tables shown fully expanded to display max PSI that the Hondata 4 bar can read..


- These settings are provided to assist you with programming for this map sensor only. Please verify these settings with your tuner upon installation.

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