Hondata D17 Cam Gear

Hondata D17 Cam Gear
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AEM cam gear specially modified by Hondata to run a K Series ECU with KPro on 01-05 Civics with D17A1 or D17A2 engines. Works on VTEC and Non-VTEC D17 engines. The stock D17 cam gear has the incorrect timing teeth to work with a K series ECU (ie: PRB, PND, PNF, etc). The Hondata modified cam gear's timing teeth are setup so that it will work with a K series ECU that has a KPro system installed.


01-05 Civic D17A Hondata K-Pro ECU Package
This is our specially configured complete ECU package that offers full tuning of the 01-05 Civic with D17A engine using the Hondata Kmanager software. Due to the fact that the stock D17's ECU cannot be reprogrammed, Our ECU package consists of our modified and reconditioned RSX ECU with fully installed brand new Hondata K-Pro4 system, and a specially modified by Hondata AEM cam gear for the D17 engine which allows the engine to be run by our K series ECU.