Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor - K Series (K20, K24)

Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor - K Series (K20, K24)

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The Hondata 4 bar K series map sensor is designed for a simple plug and play installation on K20 and K24 engines. No splicing, cutting, or modification is needed. Simply unscrew your stock Honda map sensor, screw the Hondata Map Sensor in place, plug in, and go. This Map Sensor is to be used with K-Pro or Hondata FlashPro equipped K series ECU's only (cannot be used with a stock/unprogrammed ECU). After installation, open up K manager and set your calibration settings as shown below.

* 02-06 Acura RSX
* 06-11 Honda Civic Si
* 04-08 Acura TSX
* 07-08 Honda Fit
* 04-08 Acura TL
* 03-07 Honda Accord

- Select OPTIONS > SHOW 5 BAR TABLES. This will allow your display to show your boost tables...

- Select PARAMETERS > MAP > REPLACEMENT MAP SENSOR > HONDATA/OMNIPOWER 4 BAR. This will set up your ECU to use the new 4 bar map sensor's readings rather than use the stock map sensor readings...

- Upload the calibration changes to ECU, then continue tuning...

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