Ignition System

K Series Ignition Coil Set
Set of 4 aftermarket K series ignition coils for use on B series engines with the Hondata CPR coil pack retrofit kit or the HondaRulez Coil on plug kit.
HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Kit
HondaRulez COP mini kit for OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU's. The HondaRulez Coil-on-plug kit is the solution for getting rid of the old distributor setup and installing an individual coil on plug or coil near plug setup. The ground-breaking feature of the HondaRulez kit over other COP kits is that this can be used in ANY OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU, even the stock ECU!
Hondata CPR Coil Pack Retrofit Kit
The Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit allows you to use individual coil pack (coil on plug) with your S300, replacing the stock igniter, coil, rotor and spark plug leads. The advantage of this is more spark energy, less electrical interference and increased reliability.
B16A/B18C Coil Mounting Plate
Machined aluminum mounting plate for B series VTEC engines (B16A, B18C, etc.) to mount K series ignition coils when using an individual coil on plug setup like the Hondata CPR or HondaRuleZ COP kit.