Innovate Ethanol Content and Fuel Temperature Sensor Gauge Kit 3904

Innovate Ethanol Content and Fuel Temperature Sensor Gauge Kit 3904

Item# 3904

Innovate Dual Function Gauge kit. Combines an ethanol content sensor and fuel temperature sensor onto one beautiful gauge for easy viewing and monitoring of ethanol content on E85 fuel setups, as well as fuel temperature. The gauge kit includes two analog output wires so that you can send your ethanol content and fuel temperature readings to your tuning system.

    What is included in this kit?

  • Gauge with black faceplate and black bezel.
  • White gauge faceplate, silver bezel (gauge faceplate and bezels are interchangeable).
  • Wire harness
  • Serial programming cable
  • Ethanol content sensor
  • Quick start installation guide

    Display Range:

  • Ethanol content from 0% to 100%
  • Fuel temperature from -40 degrees F to 257 degress F.

    Key Features:

  • Ethanol content - error reporting for failed sensor
  • Fuel temp
    - Can change exterior LED as a fill bar or a single light indicator.
    - Can program exterior LED ranges vs. color.
    - Can program unit of measure (Farenheit or Celsius).
    - Can program fuel temperature warning (outer LED).
  • 2 Configurable analog outputs
    - Ethanol content analog output wire (0v = 0% ethanol, 5v = 100% ethanol)
    - Fuel temperature analog output wire (0v = -40F, 5v = 257F)

Please note that the ethanol content/fuel temp sensor must be installed into your vehicles fuel return line (line after fuel rail feeding back to the fuel tank). This may require additional items, hose clamps, fittings, etc. which are not included in this kit.

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