Innovate EGT - Exhaust Gas Temp Kit

Innovate EGT - Exhaust Gas Temp Kit
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From the manufacturer of the world's most accurate wideband systems, the Innovate EGT kit is the answer to your exhaust gas temperature monitoring needs. Includes 4 EGT probes with weld-on bungs and an Innovate TC-4 interface for logging your exhaust gas temps. By monitoring each header pipe on your engine you can accurately adjust individual cylinder fueling as well as determine the best ignition timing, turbo spool settings, and other tuning needs.

Each of the four inputs of the TC-4 can be configured by the user for either EGT range (32-1999 deg F, 0-1093 deg C) or for CHT range to measure cylinder head temperatures (32-572 deg F, 0-300 deg C). The TC-4 can also be used to measure other temperature metrics such as turbo inlet and outlet temp, catalytic converter temp, transmission temp, and more.

Innovate TC-4 operating manual