Innovate MTX-L All-In-One Wideband Gauge Kit

Innovate MTX-L All-In-One Wideband Gauge Kit
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Innovate MTX-L All-In-One Wideband Gauge Kit

This is currently the most advanced wideband available on the market. Surpasses older style "uego" gauges, and even the Award Winning Innovate LC-1 can't compare. The Innovate MTX-L wideband kit is a complete all in one digital air/fuel ratio gauge with BUILT-IN digital wideband controller. (No additional wiring or separate wideband controller is needed with this gauge).

This is the only 100% digital wideband on the market which results in an extremely accurate and extremely fast wideband gauge for dead-on air/fuel monitoring.


  • Water Resistant 52mm (2 1/16”) round dash-mountable casing is perfect for automotive street, and demanding racing applications
  • Built-in Direct Digital™ Wideband Controller reduces wiring and simplifies installation (No LC-1 required)
  • Wideband O2 Sensor is compatible with all fuel types (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, Methanol, E85, etc)
  • Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for increased accuracy
  • Two (2) 0-5v fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with engine management systems “closed-loop” and external dataloggers
  • Interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included
  • Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle” provides the functionality of a needle style gauge with the pinpoint accuracy of a digital display
  • Serial IN and OUT ports


The MTX-L has 5 stripped wire ends.
1. Connect the RED wire to a switched 12V source. A switched 12V source goes on as soon as the ignition on the car is on. Make sure the connection is fused with a minimum fuse size of 3A.

2. Connect the BLACK wire to a ground source. Avoid noisy ground sources, such as grounds used for radio and or ignition sources.

3. Connect the WHITE wire to a headlight power wire (a wire that supplies current to the headlights). This enables the display to dim for better nighttime viewing. DO NOT CONNECT THIS WIRE TO THE HEADLIGHT DIMMING WIRE. Connection to this rheostat type of switch will cause the gauge to malfunction. If you chose not to utilize the dimming feature, connect the WHITE wire to ground.

4. Optionally, the YELLOW (Analog out 1) and/or BROWN (Analog out 2) can be connected to the analog inputs of other devices such as data loggers or ECUs. If either one or both of these wires are not being used isolate and tape the wire(s) out of the way. The default analog outputs are as follows: Analog output one (yellow) is 0V = 7.35 AFR and 5V = 22.39 AFR. Analog output two (brown) is 1.1V = 14 AFR and .1V = 15 AFR. This is a simulated narrowband signal.

Innovate MTX-L installation and user manual