KTuner End-User board bluetooth module installation instructions

The KTuner End-User Rev1 board accepts the bluetooth add-on module to allow bluetooth data logging using the TunerView Android app.

Installation is straightforward:
  • Remove the top lid/cover of your K series ECU
  • Locate the 4 pin angled male header on the top of the board circled here:

  • On the back side of the bluetooth module, locate the 4 pin female connector circled here:

  • Take note of the 4 digit pairing/pin code that is on the back side of your bluetooth module. Write it down, you will need this later.
  • Slide the bluetooth module's female connector onto the male header pins until seated as shown here:

  • Reinstall the top cover of your ECU. Installation is complete. See the TunerView app for instructions on pairing and datalogging within the app.

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