KTuner Flex-Fuel (E85) Converter

KTuner Flex-Fuel (E85) Converter


KTuner Flex-Fuel Converter for Flex Fuel (E85) Applications. The KTuner Flex-Fuel converter is for use on KTuner Flash applications to convert an ethanol content sensor's signal into a voltage that the ECU can use for flex fuel support.

  • Black - GND is ground
  • Red - PWR is +12v switched power
  • White - INPUT is the input from your ethanol content sensor
  • Yellow - VOUT is the voltage output that represents ethanol content. The range is 0.5V for 0% ethanol to 4.5V for 100% ethanol. This Yellow wire is the wire that would run to the labeled ECU input used for flex fuel.

For application specific information, wiring, and setup info, see the KTuner Help File

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