OBD0 MPFI to OBD2A ECU Jumper Harness - Manual Transmission

OBD0 MPFI to OBD2A ECU Jumper Harness - Manual Transmission


HA Motorsports OBD0 MPFI (multi-port fuel injection) to OBD2A ECU jumper/conversion harness for installing an OBD2A ECU into an OBD0 mpfi chassis. Uses all new OEM connectors for OE quality fitment. All HA Motorsports ECU jumper harnesses are constructed using cross-linked automotive TXL wire which exceeds OEM specifications and is extremely durable. Allows a straight-forward, simple conversion from OBD0 to OBD2A.

    This harness is to be used for installing an OBD2A Manual transmission ECU into any of the following vehicles:

  • 88-91 Honda Civic EX or Si with manual transmission
  • 88-91 Honda CRX HF or Si with manual transmission
  • 90-91 Acura Integra with manual transmission
  • 88-91 Civic/CRX LX/DX with manual transmission that has been already converted to MPFI.

You will also need an OBD1 or OBD2 distributor that fits onto your engine. The OBD0 distributor will not work with an OBD2A ECU.

This OBD2A conversion harness includes a sub-harness for wiring in the following components:

VTEC Solenoid
VTEC Oil Pressure Switch
Knock Sensor
Primary/Upstream 4 wire O2 Sensor
Intake Air Bypass Solenoid

JDM OBD2A ECU's only need a primary/upstream 02 sensor, and do NOT require a secondary/downstream sensor. USDM OBD2A ECU's need a primary/upstream 02 sensor, PLUS a secondary/downstream 02 sensor. For this reason we offer this harness for either JDM OBD2A ECU's without secondary/downstream 02 sensor pigtails, or USDM OBD2A ECU's with the additional pigtails for the secondary/downstream 02 sensor. Please select your choice from the drop-down menu.

All HA Motorsports ECU's, products, and services include a One Full-Year VIP Warranty

OBD0 to OBD2A ECU Jumper Harness Installation Instructions

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