OBD1 to OBD1 Tuner Harness Pigtail Wire Designations

    Our new version OBD1 to OBD1 Tuner's "straight through" harness has pigtails included for easily tapping into the following signals. Use the wire color designations for easy identification:

  • Black - Pin D21 - Sensor Ground
  • Red - Pin A25 - Switched +12v Power
  • Orange - Pin D15 - Intake Air Temp Signal
  • Yellow - Pin D17 - MAP Sensor Signal
  • White - Pin D11 - Throttle Position Sensor Signal
  • Blue - Pin D13 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Input
  • Green - Pin A21 - Ignition Output Signal (RPM)
  • Purple - Pin D14 - O2 Sensor Signal

For any wires that you will not be using, simply tape them off.
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