OBD2B 00-01 Integra ECU into OBD2B 99-00 Civic Fuel Pump Output Pin Swap Info

2000-2001 Integra ECU's use ECU pin A15 for the fuel pump output wire.

1999-2000 Civic ECU's use ECU pin A16 for the fuel pump output wire.

If you intend to use a '00-'01 Integra ECU in a '99-'00 Civic (ie: if you have installed an Integra engine in your 99-00 Civic), you will need to move the wire from pin A16 to pin A15.

Please note that '00-'01 Integra OBD2B ECU's also have an immobilizer. In addition to the above wiring change, you will need to have the immobilizer bypassed. See our Immobilizer Bypass Service.
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