Upgrades / Extras

HA Motorsports 4 Port PWM Boost Control Solenoid
HA Motorsports 4 port boost control solenoid with fittings kit. By using a 4 port boost control solenoid, you are able to run a vacuum line to both the top and bottom of your turbocharger's wastegate. The result is much greater control over boost levels.
Boost Control Solenoid Mounting Bracket Kit
Mounting bracket with screws for 4 port boost control solenoids. This bracket will allow you to securely, and professionally, mount your boost control solenoid in your engine compartment. Includes two machine screws for securing solenoid to the bracket.
SwapBox-K Immobilizer Bypass Box
The Swapbox is a revolutionary piggy-back device that allows the 02-04 Rsx / Civic Si ECU's immobilizer to be bypassed. The Swapbox-K features simple, 4 wire connection which can be spliced into your harness near your ECU. After connection, the immobilizer will now be disabled and allow the ECU to start without a programmed chipped key.
K Series Ignition Coil Set for use with Hondata CPR Kit
Set of 4 OEM Honda / Acura K series ignition coils for use on B series engines with the Hondata CPR coil pack retrofit kit installed.
Rywire Coil On Plug (COP) Adapter Plate B16A / B18C VTEC
Aluminum coil-on-plug adapter plate with RyWire logo. This coil on plug adapter plate will allow you to bolt S2000 or K series ignition coils onto your B series engine for use with the Hondata CPR kit.