HondaRulez COP Mini Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for installing the HondaRulez COP mini coil-on-plug conversion kit.


The HondaRulez COP (coil on plug) conversion kit hardware is designed to fit into the common OBD1 USDM Honda and Acura ECU's (ie: P06, P28, etc.). The kit can be used in ANY of these ECU's, regardless of tuning system or lack of (can even be used in a completely stock ECU). The kit can be used in ANY of our OBD1 Chipped ECU's, Hondata S300 ECU's, or Neptune/Demon ECU packages!

Installation consists of several steps: Installing the HondaRulez hardware/board into the ECU, wiring in the individual coils, and distributor changes.

Installing the hardware/board into the OBD1 ECU:

  • Remove the top and bottom lids of the ECU, and locate the FC1 section of the ECU board as shown (circled in red):

  • Desolder all of the solder joints in the FC1 section:

  • Insert the HondaRulez header pin strip into the desoldered holes:

  • Flip the ECU over while holding the header pin strip in place, then solder all of the joints:

  • Insert the HondaRulez board onto the header pins carefully, being sure to line up all of the pins:

  • Use a marker/pen to mark the area on the ECU casing that will need to be machined to clear the wire harness connector/plug:

  • Remove the ECU board from the casing, then machine out the casing where marked. Be sure to machine far enough down the casing to fully clear the connector:

  • Test fit the board into the ECU with the HondaRulez board installed to verify the machined area is correct:

  • Mark the casing where the nylon screw needs to be inserted, remove the ECU board from the casing again, then drill to fit the screw:

  • Reinstall the ECU board into the casing, insert the HondaRulez board onto the header pins, and install the nylon screw. Be sure to install the spacer as shown in the photo, and snug the screw using the nylon nut on the inside:

  • Solder the two wires provided with the kit to the ECU connectors at A21 and A25 as shown in the photo. These wires will provide the +12v power to the unit and the ICM/ignition signal. Insert the opposite ends of the wires into the white connector as shown. Be sure to connect the wires to the correct locations as shown.  The wire from A25 noted by the orange arrow goes into the middle hole of the white connector on the COP board:

    The hardware install into the ECu is now complete. You can reinstall the top and bottom lids of the ECU.


  • Plug the coil harness 6-pin connector into the 6 pin plug of the HondaRulez board at the ECU.
  • Route the harness through the firewall and up towards the distributor area of the engine. The harness is built extra long so that you can route the harness however desired. Be sure to use a rubber grommet or other means to protect the harness where it goes through the firewall.
  • Remove one of the three bolts that hold the distributor to the engine. Place the ring terminal connector from the coil harness over the hole, and reinstall the bolt. This is the coil's ground. It is NOT recommended to use the thermostat housing ground for this as it may cause interference.
  • On the engine harness distributor connector, locate the large blue wire and the large black/yellow wire. Unpin and remove these two wires from the connector housing. Slide the section of heat shrink tubing over the two wires. Insert the two spade connectors from the coil harness into the two pins on the blue and black/yellow wires. The larger spade connector/wire on the coil harness connects to the black/yellow wire, and the smaller spade connector/wire on the coil harness connects to the smaller blue wire. The black/yellow wire is the +12v for the coils, and the blue wire is the signal from the ignition output from your ECU that feeds to the HondaRulez board through the coil harness. Use a piece of electrical tape to cover the black/yellow wire spade connection.
  • Slide the heat shrink tubing over the two wires where they connect and use a heat gun or similar heat source to shrink the tubing over the connection.
  • Plug the four ignition coil connectors into each coil. The length of the harness for each connector will guide you as to which they connect to.

Distributor, Coils, and Spark Plug info:

  • You MUST remove the ignition coil, ignitor/ignition module, and rotor from the inside of the distributor.
  • Do NOT remove the 3 pickup/sensors from inside the distributor (CKP, TDC, CYL sensors).
  • Secure any loose wires inside the distributor housing.
  • You MUST use resistor style spark plugs. The factory/stock style spark plugs are resistor plugs. Do NOT use race style plugs that are the non-resistor type or this may cause interference and poor results.


    Coil harness pinout:

    The 6 pin connector at the HondaRulez board only uses 5 of the pins -


    Yellow: ignition coil #4 (closest to distributor)

    Blue: ignition coil #3

    Green: ignition coil #2

    Brown: ignition coil #1 (closest to timing belt)

    White: ignition signal - connects to blue wire at distributor plug from engine harness


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