Moates Hulog Installation Instructions

These installation instructions are for installing the Moates Hulog / Exteme Hulog into an OBD1 civic/integra ECU. The Moates hulog allows datalogging ECU data through Crome Pro. Please note that the ECU must be chipped with a Crome programmed chip that has datalogging enabled within the ROM. You will not be able to datalog from a stock ECU. Installation of the Hulog is a simple procedure if you have decent soldering skills. You will need to solder in the 4 pin black colored header that comes with the Moates hulog kit. From there, the cable simply plugs into the header on one end, and the Hulog box on the other end.

The first step is to locate the CN2 datalog area on the ECU's circuit board. With the ECU's upper and lower lids removed, orient the ECU with the grey ECU plugs to your left. The CN2 datalog header installation area is near the chip area and closest to you as shown:

The CN2 location on your circuit board will have 5 holes that are filled with solder from the factory. You will need to desolder holes 1 through 4 as shown below. Hole 5 can be left as-is:

Insert the 4 pin header into the 4 holes that you've desoldered with the bung facing away from you as shown:

Turn the ECU over and solder in the 4 pin header:

Turn the ECU back over and plug in the hulog cable. You will feel it 'click' in and lock to the header. Here's a photo sample:

The other end of the hulog cable will plug into the Moates Hulog. You may wish to make a small hole in the ECU casing or ECU upper lid if you wish to leave the Hulog connected permanently in your ECU. If you will be removing the Hulog after tuning/datalogging, you can simply leave the lid off until you are done then unplug the hulog cable and reinstall the lid.

NOTE: If you are installing the Moates Hulog in one of our socketed/chipped ECU's, the datalog header is already in place. However, the header is white in color and a slightly different design. The Hulog cable will still fasten to the white colored header, simply make sure the cable is inserted in the same direction as shown above.

The remaining setup is within the Crome software. Be sure your port settings are configured correctly.


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