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Tuning With Crome - The Complete Guide

What is Crome?

CROME is a software developed by John Cui and members of the pgmfi.org forum that is used for tuning Honda and Acura vehicles with OBD1 (92-95) Civic and Integra ECU's. The CROME (Cui ROM Editor) software (along with additional hardware) allows the user to adjust (tune) the programming of the OBD1 Honda/Acura ECU's ROM to suit engine modifications.

What is required to tune with Crome?

  • OBD1 92-95 Honda Civic/Del Sol or OBD1 92-95 Integra ECU that is socketed to accept a 28-pin chip.
  • Laptop computer with Windows operating system and at least 1 available USB port.
  • A chip programming device - we use and recommend the Moates BURN2.
  • A chip to program/use. We use and recommend SST chips.
What is recommended to tune with Crome?

      In addition to the required items above -
  • Crome Pro license - required if you wish to datalog using Crome.
  • Moates Hulog datalogger - allows datalogging sensors, etc. while tuning.
  • Moates Ostrich - allows uploading tune changes to the ECU in real-time.
  • Wideband oxygen sensor - allows viewing/datalogging air/fuel ratios so that you can make the appropriate fueling changes.

What vehicles/engines can be tuned using Crome?

Any vehicle/engine combination that can be run from an OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU can be tuned using Crome.  All motor, turbocharged, supercharged, etc. are all supported.

Installing Crome:

1) The Crome software can be downloaded for free from www.tunewithcrome.com

2) Download, extract, and run the setup file to install Crome on your system. Crome was developed in conjunction with pgmfi.org. For this reason, legitimate install packages will require ‘pgmfi.org’ as the password.

3) Once installed, Crome can be launched by clicking: Start>Programs>CROME>CROME

Note: The free version of Crome does not have data logging capabilities. You will be able to modify fuel maps and even use a Moates Ostrich to change maps in Real-Time. However, you will not be able to see live engine parameters from within Crome. Most noticeably, you will not see the purple box indicating your position in your maps. To use the datalogging features requires a Crome Pro License costing $149.

4) To upgrade to from the free version to Crome Pro, Launch Crome then click: Help->Register->Get Reg String. You will be directed to a webpage where you can purchase a Crome Pro license. Please note that the Pro license purchase is not automated. In other words, you will need to wait for the developer to get you the registration string after purchase. So, if you need a Pro license you may want to purchase this well before you need to begin tuning.

Getting Started:

1. On your Laptop, go to the Crome webpage: www.tunewithcrome.com and navigate to the download page.  Download the most recent version of the Crome software.  The password is pgmfi.org.  Download and extract and complete the installation process.

2. Plug the USB cable from your chip reader/burner (we use and recommend the Moates BURN2).

3. Go to device manager on your laptop and see what COM port your burn2 is plugged into.  It should be a COM port from 1 to 10.

4.  Open the CROME software, and go to "file" > "settings" > "real time programming".  Under hardware type, select "moates devices" if using the BURN2.  Click 'test connection' and the software should automatically find the burn2 and say it is connected.  If not, change the port to the COM port number you see on step 3.  You are now ready to use the basic Crome functions to read and program your own chips!

... more coming soon.


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