98-01 CRV OBD2B Auto to OBD1 Auto ECU/TCU Harness - HA Motorsports
98-01 CRV OBD2B Auto to OBD1 Auto ECU/TCU Harness - HA Motorsports
98-01 CRV OBD2B Auto to OBD1 Auto ECU/TCU Harness - HA Motorsports

98 CRV OBD2B Auto to OBD1 Auto ECU/TCU Harness

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This harness is designed to allow tuning of the 1998 Honda CRV with automatic transmission.  The 1998 CRV factory PCM controls the engine and the auto transmission from one unit.  This harness will split these signals so that an OBD1 ECU can be used to run the engine while a separate OBD1 transmission control unit will handle the transmission functions.  This will allow you to install any of our OBD1 AUTO ECU packages to control and tune the engine.

Please understand that using the OBD1 P78 TCU will change the shift patterns for the factory transmission.  Initial feedback is that the shifting is more firm, and that the change in shifting is an improvement over the factory CRV shifting.  This harness has been tested to work with our OBD1 P78 TCU.  Alternate OBD1 TCU's may be used to experiment with different shift points, etc.  We encourage customers to try other OBD1 TCU's to find their preferred shifting.


98 Honda CRV with automatic transmission.  Does NOT fit 97 CRV - 97 CRV support to come in the near future. 99-01 CRV with overdrive not supported at this time as the overdrive button will not function

What ECU do I use? 

This harness is designed to use any of our three OBD1 AUTO ECU packages:

OBD1 Chipped AUTO ECU Package

OBD1 Neptune/Demon AUTO ECU Package

OBD1 Hondata S300 AUTO ECU Package

We highly recommend that you select one of these ECU packages that your local tuning/dyno shop is familiar with.  You don't want to select an ECU that your tuner is not able/willing to tune for you!

What Transmission control unit do I use?

For the TCU, we are currently recommending to use our OBD1 P78 TCU

How difficult is the installation?

Installation is fairly simple.  Unplug your factory CRV PCM and remove it from the vehicle.  Plug this harness into your factory ECU/PCM plugs.  Plug in the three new ECU connectors to your new OBD1 ECU.  Plug the two new TCU connectors into your new OBD1 TCU.  Wire the single yellow wire to the yellow/black wire at the shift lock solenoid.  The shift lock solenoid is above the steering column.  You will need to remove the steering column covers and gauge bezel to access it.  This wire is required to allow the CRV to shift out of park.

The new ECU will fit in place of the stock ECU.  You will need to use some creativity on how to secure the new TCU - either bolt to one of the factory PCM bolts/studs, or even just zip tie it down.


Ask a Question
  • Can I run this harness and just run a manual chipped computer? I have an awd civic that I’ve been thinking about putting an auto in so I don’t know if I would need this harness to match up to the Crv trans or just use a 99-00 harness. And any news on auto parts to build a tranny? Thanks

    This harness is specifically for use on 98-01 CRV with automatic transmission.  Please email us with your specific vehicle info and what you are trying to accomplish so we can help you get the correct items.

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