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AEM Engine Position Module (EPM) 30-3255
AEM Engine Position Module (EPM) 30-3255
AEM Engine Position Module (EPM) 30-3255
AEM Engine Position Module (EPM) 30-3255

AEM Engine Position Module (EPM) 30-3255

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AEM Engine Position Module for Honda/Acura D, B, F, and H series engines.  The EPM replaces the factory distributor on setups running the AEM Infinity ECU for precise engine position information.  This sends the engine signals to the AEM ECU instead of the factory distributor providing the signals.  Requires individual coils (obviously) since you will no longer have a distributor in place.  The AEM EPM's mounting tab has an adjustable mounting bracket/hole to fit all Honda/Acura D/B/F/H series engine setups.

AEM's EPM provides precise engine position using dual zero-speed optical sensors, which offers the advantage of immediate signal generation regardless of engine speed. The EPM can be used with any aftermarket engine management system that recognizes a 12-tooth crank 1-tooth cam pattern.


  • The EPM doesn't have the key-way at the end of the shaft that inserts into the end of the cam, so you will need to transfer this from your original distributor onto the EPM unit.
  • This will only work on engine setups using an AEM Infinity or other standalone ECU.  This can NOT be used on a factory Honda ECU.
  • The Connector is a Deutsch DTM style, and the engine harness side DTM connector kit is included.


  • Simple bolt-on system for Honda/Acura D/B/F/H race engines.
  • Simple 4-wire connection (+12v, ground, crank, and cam signal)
  • Output signal amplitude and waveform stay constant at all engine RPM.
  • Shock absorbing drive system eliminates timing fluctuations and protects from vibrations.
  • 12 tooth crank position, 1 tooth camshaft pattern for the EPM is available in the AEMPro, AEMTuner, and InfinityTuner software
  • Manufactured from billet aluminum.


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