Chipped OBD1 AUTO ECU with Custom Basemap Chip Package - HA Motorsports
Chipped OBD1 AUTO ECU with Custom Basemap Chip Package

Chipped OBD1 AUTO ECU with Custom Basemap Chip Package

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** DISCONTINUED.**   Please see our S300 Auto ECU package for an alternative solution:

After relentless testing and research, we are proud to announce our new socketed/chipped OBD1 ECU for vehicles with automatic transmissions. This is the tuning solution you've been waiting for if you have an automatic transmission Honda or Acura with a B, F, or H series engine and are tired of being told you don't have a tuning option.

IMPORTANT - This ECU MUST be used with a separate automatic transmission control unit (TCU/TCM). This ECU is designed to allow full communication between the chipped OBD1 ECU and the TCU, resulting in a great solution for those wanting to run a chipped ECU in their automatic transmission vehicle.

Will NOT work on vehicles with a D series auto transmission. Only compatible with B,F,H series auto transmissions. You must use a separate transmission control unit that is compatible with your specific transmission.

This ECU is developed to be used with the CROME software for OBD1 Honda/Acura applications.

ECU Casing Option: We have two ECU case options for you to choose from:

  • Standard Case: This is the standard bead-blasted casing. This is a clean, like-new finish to the standard ECU casing. (see photos)
  • Powder Coated Case: This is the new option to have the casing powder coated in our hammertone grey just like the ECU lids! (see photos)

Top Cover Option: We have two ECU top cover options for you to choose from:

  • Standard Top Cover: This is the standard powder coated grey top cover.
  • Clear Top Cover:  This is the upgraded clear top cover.  With this option, we will ship your ECU with the clear lid installed instead of the standard powder coated top cover.
This ECU comes with a FREE custom programmed basemap chip to get you up and running. You will then need to have the ECU tuned to run best on your vehicle by a tuner who offers tuning with the Crome software. Your tuner MUST use a chip in this ECU that is programmed using the P72 basecode. It will NOT work properly if any other basecode is used on the chip. Your tuner can start the Crome software with a P72 basecode and modify/tune from there to suit your engine setup. We program the custom basemap chip with the P72 basecode for you before shipping. Your tuner can simply read the chip that is in your ECU, then fine tune the basemap from there.


On OBD1 vehicles that have a separate TCU from the factory, this ECU can be plugged right in:

  • 90-93 Honda Accord with automatic transmission
  • 92-93 Acura Integra with automatic transmission
  • 94-95 Acura Integra with automatic transmission
  • 92-95 Honda Prelude with automatic transmission

On vehicles that came from the factory with an ECU that controls both engine and transmission, a conversion harness and separate TCU are required.


Ask a Question
  • Will this ecu work on a 1995 accord with an automatic transmission? Or is anything else required? I

    Yes, this will plug right in and then you can begin tuning.  Be sure to switch the two wires as shown here for this application:

  • Hello good evening I recently did a b20 vtec in my 95 honda integra on the normal automatic setup but it runs like crap, missing, and just not running right. I would like to buy these setup that you have here for it, hoping to get it running good again, please in the future can you do a video showing installation of these components?

    This chipped OBD1 AUTO ECU package will plug directly into your 95 Integra with auto transmission with no other wiring changes.  From there, you just need to have the car tuned to dial it all in.  Thanks,

  • Is this all I need to tune my automatic 1997 Acura Integra?

    "All I need for my automatic Integra is this and the obd1 s300 auto ready ecu, And a obd2a to obd1 jumper harness, and I'm good to go right?"

    "Would I need this for my 97 automatic Integra? I'm trying to retune it."

    For your 97 Integra with auto transmission, you'd need this chipped AUTO ECU package, along with separate TCU and our auto jumper harness for this application:

    Chipped OBD1 AUTO ECU:



    Be sure that your tuner/dyno shop offers tuning for chipped OBD1 ECU's with CROME before purchasing the ECU.  Some tuning shops only offer tuning with certain ECU setups, so if you need a different tuning system you will need to select the correct ECU.

  • When and where do you put in your car specs when ordering this ecu ?

    Please provide your vehicle information and engine setup details in the comments box at checkout.

  • 92 accord factory auto. swapping F20b VTEC DOHC with auto. What Ecu do you recommend

    You can use this chipped OBD1 AUTO ECU package for your application.  The ECU will plug directly into your harness, while your factory TCU controls your transmission.  Be sure to install a 2-wire style IACV as the 3-wire style IACV we see on the F20B engines will not work with an OBD1 ECU.

  • What tcu would i need to use your obd1 ecu in a 2001 auto crv? Currently thinking of going b20z block/b16 head

    The TCU we are currently recommending to use would be the P78 TCU here: OBD1 P78 TCU

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