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Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing Service

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We are happy to now be offering fuel injector cleaning and flow bench testing services for customers.  This service covers a set of injectors, up to a total of 6 injectors.  Let us clean and flow test your injectors to restore like new operation.

Service includes:

  • Sonic clean injectors in our ultrasonic cleaner, then sonic clean while pulsing the injectors in our ultrasonic cleaner.  This properly cleans the injectors inside and out to remove dirt deposits and restore proper flow through the injector.
  • Flow test injectors on our flow bench.  We will flow test your injectors and record the actual flow rate data.  This data sheet will be included in the package with your injectors.

After cleaning and flow bench testing, we will properly package and ship your injectors back to you ready for use.

How does the order process work?

  1. Submit your order for the service and proceed through the online checkout process.  The shipping you select at checkout is for the return shipping (for shipping your fuel injectors back to you after completed).
  2. Please print a copy of your order confirmation.  If you don't have access to a printer, write down your name, address, and order number on a piece of scratch paper.  Include this with your injectors.
  3. Remove your fuel injectors from your engine/vehicle, and allow to dry for several hours to make sure no fuel remains in the injectors.  Package securely in any appropriate box.
  4. Ship to us using any shipping service you'd like.  You will pay to ship your injectors to us wherever you go to ship them.
  5. We will complete the cleaning and flow testing service when your injectors arrive.  Once complete, we will repackage and ship back to you using the shipping method you selected and paid for when submitting your order.
  6. Reinstall your injectors when you receive them and enjoy!

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