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HA Motorsports Street 520cc Fuel Injectors D/B/F/H Engines

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** Next batch due to be available March 2020 **


Our extensively tested, Bosch Motorsport EV14 based fuel injectors are here. The HA Motorsports "Street" 520cc injectors are the perfect answer to daily driven, high-horsepower Honda/Acura applications. Through our experience tuning vehicles with injectors from many different manufacturers, we have found the absolute best injectors for smooth idle, reliability, superb spray pattern, and down right awesome fuel flow on demand for your daily driven or weekend racer build.  We purchase these Bosch EV14 injectors in bulk, then test these in-house on our flow bench for flow rate, idle quality, and dead time/latency, then match them up in sets of 4. 


  • 88-91 Honda Civic EX/Si and CRX HF/Si
  • 93-97 Honda Del Sol - all models
  • 92-00 Honda Civic - all models
  • 90-01 Acura Integra - all models
  • 90-97 Honda Accord - all models
  • 92-01 Honda Prelude - all models


  • Excellent choice for any engine from completely stock up to 350 horsepower at the factory 43.5 psi fuel pressure on gasoline. Can support up to 600 horsepower at increased fuel pressure!
  • Can be used with gasoline, E85, or methanol.
  • Excellent fuel atomization at low opening pulses, results in BETTER THAN STOCK idle quality and fuel economy!

The Bosch Motorsport EV14 injectors were originally developed for use in the Shelby GT500, but with our innovative top injector hats, we have adapted these for use in our Honda/Acura applications and paired this with dead-on injector data. This allows a true plug-n-play injector set. Simply install on your engine, then use our plug-n-play data to program your ECU with the correct injector data.

These injectors use the common "USCAR" style electrical connectors. In order to plug these in to your wire harness, you can either cut and crimp the USCAR clips and pins onto your harness, cut and splice the USCAR pigtails onto your harness, use the OBD1 plug-n-play adapters, or use the OBD2 plug-n-play adapters.


  • Set of 4 matched HA Motorsports/Bosch EV14 520cc injectors.  Matched for flow rate, idle quality, and dead times!
  • Your choice of electrical connectors:
    • Set of 4 clips with pins and seals (for crimping onto your factory wiring)
    • Set of 4 USCAR pigtails (for cut and splicing onto your factory wiring)
    • Set of 4 OBD1 plug-n-play adapters
    • Set of 4 OBD2 plug-n-play adapters
  • Data sheet

Our injector quick settings below will allow you to easily swap from your stock Honda/Acura injectors to the HA Motorsports 520cc Street Injectors quickly, and without having to bang your head against the wall trying to figure out fuel trim adjustments, offsets, etc. Use the quick settings below for your engine management system, then enjoy!

ECU quick settings for HA Motorsports 520cc Street Injectors:

Smanager / S300:

Crome / Crome Pro:

Neptune RTP:


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