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Hasport 96-00 Civic EK K Series Mount Kit EKK
Hasport 96-00 Civic EK K Series Mount Kit EKK
Hasport 96-00 Civic EK K Series Mount Kit EKK
Hasport 96-00 Civic EK K Series Mount Kit EKK

Hasport 96-00 Civic EK K Series Mount Kit EKK

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Hasport K-series mount kit for 96-00 Civic using the stock 96-00 Civic subframe. The engine sits slightly farther forward then when using the  EKK2/4/5 dual height mount kit. This is the mount kit that started the K-series revolution. It makes swapping the K-series engine into the EK Civic a bolt in procedure.

Mount kit variants:

This mount kit is available in several different configurations depending on which K series transmission you are using -

  • The EKK1 mount kit works with the RSX and 02-11 Civic Si manual transmissions.
  • The EKK3 mount kit works with the 03-07 Accord and 04-08 TSX manual transmission
  • The EKK6 mount kit works with the 08-13 Accord, 09-14 TSX and 12-15 Civic Si manual transmission, K-series CRV and Element AWD or FWD manual transmission

Urethane choices:

    Hasport mounts are available with several different urethane insert options to suite your needs -

    • Street 62A is best for most street applications and many road race applications. While other mount companies don’t offer this softer urethane, Hasport’s 62A urethane is very durable and set up properly will have the least noise, vibration and harmonics.  If you will be driving this vehicle daily to work, etc., this is our recommended urethane option.
    • Race 70A Urethane is about the maximum needed for hard core road racing applications. It also works well for the occasional drag racer a long as you aren’t launching on slicks in a sub 11 second car.  This is the stiffest urethane option we recommend for vehicles driven on the street.
    • Extreme Race 88A urethane is very stiff for almost total control of the engine movement. If you are launching on slicks at the drag strip these will help you transfer more power by limiting engine movement. These will cause significant noise and vibration in the car chassis.
    • Most Extreme Race 94A is our stiffest urethane bushing without going to solid aluminum bushings. These bushing are red to differentiate them from the 88A Urethane.


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