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HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Kit - HA Motorsports
HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Kit - HA Motorsports
HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Kit - HA Motorsports
HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Kit - HA Motorsports

HondaRulez Coil On Plug (COP) Mini Kit

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HondaRulez COP mini kit for OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU's. The HondaRulez Coil-on-plug kit is the solution for getting rid of the old distributor setup and installing an individual coil on plug or coil near plug setup. The ground-breaking feature of the HondaRulez kit over other COP kits is that this can be used in ANY OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU, even the stock ECU, plus it fits inside of the ECU (no external box needed)!

Note: Stock ECU's that have a knock sensor board cannot be used with the HondaRulez kit as you must remove the knock sensor board for the install.  On these ECU's, you must use a chip or tuning system with the knock sensor disabled.

What are the benefits of coil-on-plug over the stock distributor setup?

Increased spark energy - results in stronger spark at high rpm, high load, and high boost levels to deliver more power and more complete combustion. Idle quality is improved, and the engine typically starts quicker. Additionally, you no longer need an ignitor/ignition module, which is a weak link in the factory ignition system!

The hardware installs inside the OBD1 ECU, and the harness then allows you to easily install individual coils. You can order just the COP Mini board with install kit (header pins, 2 pigtails, nylon screw), or you can order the complete kit with the harness.

Installation Options:

Installing the HondaRulez mini unit into the ECU requires desoldering and soldering to the ECU board, plus cutting an opening into the ECU casing to clear the wire harness and drilling a hole for the mounting screw.

  • If you are comfortable with doing this yourself, you can select the option to have us ship everything to you from the drop down menu above - select "I WILL INSTALL MYSELF".

  • If you'd like us to install the kit into your ECU for you so that all you have to do is connect the wiring, select to ship your ECU to us from the drop-down menu. We will hold the kit here for you until your ECU arrives to do the install, then ship back to you as soon as it is completed - select "PLEASE INSTALL INTO MY ECU FOR ME". With this option, you will need to ship your ECU to us. You will pay to ship your ECU to us wherever you go to ship it. You will pay for the return shipping (shipping back to you when install is completed) when you place your order.
What is included with the kit?

  • HondaRulez mini unit (black circuit board in photo)
  • Installation kit (includes header pin strip, nylon screw with spacer and nut, 2 wires, and heat shrink tubing section)
  • HondaRulez COP coil harness

What else do I need to use this?

  • You will need individual coils.  Ignition coils are NOT included with the HondaRulez COP mini board.  We offer ignition coils separately here.

What ignition coils should be used?

Ignition coils to be used will depend on how you choose to mount the coils. Typically B series engines will use K20/RSX ignition coils, while D series engines will use D17 ignition coils. Ignition coils are NOT included in the kit.

Full HondaRulez COP Mini Installation Instructions


Ask a Question
  • does this tap into D10 ELD? what if im using that for my wideband?

    It does not interfere with the D10/ELD input.

  • Can I use this with hondata s300 v3

    This can be used in ANY OBD1 Civic/Integra ECU, even the stock ECU, and even OBD1 ECU's with the S300 system installed.

  • Can I use this kit with the T1 trigger and cam gear set up instead of using my distributor?

    This requires the signals from the factory OBD1 or OBD2 distributor.

  • Will this work with an OBD2 GSR distributor or do I need to convert to OBD1 distributor?

    Yes, this will work with the OBD2 distributor.  Just be sure to follow the instructions on the install.  Thanks!

  • HondaRulez Coil On Plug Does the ECU p72 Fit ?

    Yes, this will fit into OBD1 USDM P72 ECU's no problem.

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