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Moates Extreme Hulog - HA Motorsports
Moates Extreme Hulog - HA Motorsports

Moates Extreme Hulog

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With the Moates Extreme Hulog, you can datalog from your Crome chipped ECU to your laptop via a single USB cable using the Crome Pro software. Simply plugs into the 4 pin datalog header on your OBD1 ECU, and the other end into your laptop via the included USB cable. Fully compatible with Crome Pro.


  • Moates Exteme Hulog
  • 4 pin latching header - for soldering into your ECU's "CN2" location if not already equipped.
  • Hulog cable to connect 4 pin header to Hulog box
  • USB cable


The free version of Crome does not support datalogging. You must upgrade/purchase Crome PRO from within the Crome software to be able to datalog in Crome using the Moates Hulog. Additionally, you must enable datalogging within the .bin file/chip for datalogging to work. This can be done within the Crome software by going to "Plugins" > "Enhancements" > "Quick Datalogger + RTP"

"One of the BEST honda based dataloggers out there - very easy to hook up and use thanks to the 4 pin datalogging header which allows the 4 wire cable cable to SNAP into place."

Moates Hulog Installation Instructions


Ask a Question
  • Can any other tuning program be used to datalog besides crome pro

    The Moates Hulog works with Crome Pro and ectune.  We do not offer any support for using ectune with the Hulog.  Thanks,

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