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KTuner 2005-2006 RSX Type-S Reflash

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KTuner Reflash for 2005-2006 Acura RSX Type-S. An amazing alternative to Hondata Kpro, or KTuner end-user is the KTuner reflash for your stock ECU. This KTuner reflash is for your factory 05-06 RSX ECU and requires no wiring changes or replacement ECU's. We simply reflash your ECU and return it to you to plug back in. ** Will require shipping your ECU to us for the reflash ** The KTuner reflash will provide a broad, usable powerband from your K20 engine with plenty of top-end power to put a smile on your face. Here is a dyno chart sample of an 05 RSX Type-S with basic intake, header, cat-back exhaust system, and the KTuner Reflash 2: 3 levels of reflashes are available:

Reflash 1: For completely stock engine with an intake.
Rev Limit: 8600
Launch Limiter: 5300
VTEC Window: 4200 High Load, 5800 Low Load
Tune Adjustments over factory tune: Map Angles Altered (0,15,30,40,50), Ignition, Fueling, and Cam Angles.
* Expect gains of 22 whp in the midrange, with 11 whp on the top end.

Reflash 2: For stock engine with an intake, header, and exhaust.
Rev Limit: 8600
Launch Limiter: 5500
Vtec Window: 4000 High Load, 5800 Low Load (factory)
Tune Adjustments over factory tune: Map Angles Altered (0,15,30,40,50), Ignition, Fueling, and Cam Angles.
Disables secondary O2 sensor
* Expect further gains over reflash 1.

Reflash 3: For engine with intake, header, exhaust, 'RBC' intake manifold.
Rev Limit: 8600
Launch Limiter: 5600
VTEC Window: 4200 High Load, 5500 Low Load
Tune Adjustments over factory tune: Map Angles Altered (0,15,30,40,50), Ignition, Fueling, and Cam Angles.
Disables secondary O2 sensor
* Expect even further gains over reflash 2. We recommend choosing the appropriate reflash for the modifications to your engine. Choosing a reflash not intended for your modifications will yield poor results and possible loss in power and driveability. If your engine setup doesn't exactly match the modifications listed for the reflash, we HIGHLY recommend going with the KTuner End-User system instead of a reflash. The KTuner End-user will allow you to upload/flash your ECU yourself with a KTuner reflash file, switch between reflash files as desired, make any other setting changes desired, or tune the system, etc. With the KTuner reflash service you cannot make any changes yourself, and would need to purchase another reflash if you find you need to switch to a different reflash file.

How does the Reflash process work?

1. Select your Reflash level from the drop-down menu, add the reflash service to your online shopping cart, then complete the checkout process. You will select your RETURN shipping option during checkout.
2. Print out your order confirmation at the end of the checkout process. Please include this with your package when shipping to us.
3. Remove your ECU from your vehicle and pack securely in a box to ship to us along with your order confirmation printout. We do NOT need your ignition keys or immobilizer. Please ship ONLY your ECU and printout.
4. Upon receiving your ECU, we will complete the KTuner reflash of your choice and retest your ECU for proper operation.
5. Your ECU will be shipped back to you within 1-2 business days. We will email shipping notification and tracking information at this time so that you can know when to expect your ECU.
6. When you receive your ECU back from the reflash, simply plug into your vehicle and enjoy!


Ask a Question
  • Hello, I was wondering if the Reflash #2 will cause any problems with getting the car inspected. As in would it still allow inspection monitors for the o2 sensor? I live in NC and I believe the county I'm in does not require an emissions test, but just wondering. Thanks.

    Since this disables the secondary 02 sensor, the emissions/catalytic monitor will not function. This will not give a check engine light, but if a code reader is connected and the ECU scanned it will show that it hasn't ran the monitor/tests. This is not intended to be street or emissions legal.

  • Do you have this option for 2006 rsx base?

    Sure do: KTuner 2005-2006 Acura RSX Base Model Reflash

  • Hello does the 05-06 reflash also disable the immobilizer??

    The immobilizer can be disabled during the reflash if desired.  If you'd like it disabled, simply write this request in the comments box when placing your order.

  • What would be the best option if I were to do Reflash #2 and still want to pass smog checks? I was told to purchase a separate ECU and send that it but then there’s the immobilizer issue. Does the Reflash disable the immobolizer?

    We can disable the immobilizer when doing the reflash if desired.  That way you can use two different ECU's as desired.  Simply write the request to also disable the immobilizer in the comments box at checkout.  Thanks,

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