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Chipping / Socketing Kit for OBD1 USDM ECU's

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HA Motorsports DIY OBD1 chip kits are a complete package for those who wish to chip their own ECU. All chip kits comprise of top quality chipping components and contain everything you will need to socket and chip your Honda ECU. This chip kit is designed for Obd1 USDM Honda civic / integra ECU's ONLY. For JDM ECU's, see our JDM ECU chipping kit.

USDM ECU Chip Kits Include:

  • 2 x .1uf ceramic capacitors for C51 and C52
  • 1 x 0 ohm jumper/resistor for J1 location
  • 1 x 1.2k ohm resistor for R54 location
  • 1 x 74HC373 20 pin for 74HC373
  • 1 x 28 pin DIP IC socket
  • 1 x 28 pin low profile ZIF
  • 1 x blank SST27SF512 EEPROM Chip
  • 1 x Replacement Main ECU Capacitor

Fits the following OBD1 USDM ECU's:

P05,P06,PR4,P28,P30,P61,P72,P75 ( OBD1 USDM ONLY ) NOTE: The included SST27SF512 28 pin chip is BLANK. (Will need to be programmed for your engine)

Click here for Installation Instructions


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