ECU Services, Repairs, Modifications

ECU/PCM Immobilizer Removal Service
This is our one-of-a-kind ECU immobilizer removal service. Many Honda / Acura late model ECU's have a built in immobilizer system that prevents the car from starting if not used in combination with the correct immobilizer ring (goes around the ignition lock), and a coded key that is programmed to match the ECU's immobilizer. We have developed a method to properly remove the immobilizer from within the ECU safely, without any check engine light codes, and while retaining full OBD2 operation for street legal/smog legal applications..
OBD1 USDM ECU Socketing / Chipping Service
Ready to have your stock ECU chipped? Not comfortable trying to chip your ECU yourself? Let us handle all of the hard work by simply shipping your ECU to us and letting us professionally chip your ECU for you. Our ECU socketing service will socket your ECU to allow a chip to be installed. We can even install a custom programmed chip that is setup perfectly for your engine mods. Quick 1-2 business day turnaround time.
OBD1 JDM ECU Socketing / Chipping Service
Our JDM ECU Chipping Service will professionally install our JDM ECU Chip Kit into your OBD1 ECU for you. All units are professionally soldered, cleaned, and tested before shipping back to the customer. Our chipping service is backed by an industry leading 90 guarantee on craftsmanship which guarantees your ECU components to be free of any defects or poor workmanship on our part for a trouble free operation.
OBD1 ECU Moates Demon Socketing / Installation Service
This is our service for installing the Moates Demon board into any customer supplied OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU. This covers both USDM and JDM ECU's. Price is for labor ONLY. Demon board not included.
OBD1 ECU Hondata S300 Socketing / Installation Service
This service is for customers who would like us to install their Hondata S300 system into their stock OBD1 ECU. All labor is included in this service including final testing to ensure that your Hondata S300 ECU operates correctly upon shipment.
KTuner End-User Board Socketing / Installation Service
This is our ECU preparation service for K series ECU's to run the KTuner end user platform. Your stock K series ECU is not setup to accept the KTuner system until the ECU is prepared/socketed. After completed, your KTuner board will simply plug-n-play in your ECU.
OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU PWM Boost Control Installation Service
For those wishing to use the boost control features of Neptune RTP or Hondata S300, we offer trouble free installation of our PWM Boost Control Components. If you'd like this performed at the same time when we socket your ECU, simply add this to your cart and we will perform the PWM Boost installation along with your other services. Price includes the PWM boost components required for the installation.
OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU Non-VTEC to VTEC ECU Conversion Service
Our VTEC Conversion service is available for customers with OBD1 civic/integra style Non-VTEC ECU's who would like to have the VTEC circuitry added to their ECU. By adding the VTEC circuitry to the common P06,P75, etc ECU it will then function as a P28 style ECU with the appropriate ROM installed.
E-Tuning Service
Don't have a dyno anywhere near you? Don't trust a local tuner with your prized engine build? We have an answer for you with our Remote Engine Tuning Assistance Program (E-tune). Trust our tuning systems expertise to properly tune your engine for your mods remotely via email. Let us do all the hard work configuring your tune from our location while you simply drive and datalog! Learn more >>
Honda and Acura ECU/PCM Testing and Repair Service
Have an ECU that is either damaged, or you suspect is damaged? Let us test your ECU with our advanced equipment and repair for much less than the cost of a new ECU. Trust our expertise to diagnose your ECU problems correctly and get you up and running quickly.