TunerView Hondata Interface Module

TunerView Hondata Interface Module

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This module is necessary if you want to use your Tunerview 2 or RD-1 with an s300 or KPro.

There are two LEDs inside that will blink back and forth 3 times when the module is powered. One will then go solid if a USB connection has been made. You will need to provide power and ground to the module. You can hook it up to any 5v-15v source. Above 5v is recommended to ensure correct voltage regulation. It's recommended that you get power from the same line as the ECU or a line that stays active after the key has been turned.

The Black wire is ground.

The Red wire is power.

Use your USB cable to plug directly into the s300 or K-Pro. Plug the other side of the USB into the left side of the module. The 4 pin cable provided with your TunerView Kit plugs into the right side and runs to the middle port on the TunerView Display

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