ZIF Socket ( Low Profile 28-pin)

ZIF Socket ( Low Profile 28-pin)

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This is the perfect 28 pin ZIF Socket (Zero Insertion Force) for OBD1 Honda ECU boards. The ultra low profile ZIF allows extra clearance for an ECU with a knock board and your 27SF512 Chip, or even stacking the Moates 2-Timer and Chip on top. The sturdy construction and effortless release lever will allow endless quick and easy chip changes without ever damaging the chip or ECU board. Works great with our SST 27SF512 Chip.

* Ultra Low Profile ZIF
* Fits Perfectly into Honda ECU boards
* Allows extra clearance for JDM ECU's with Knock Boards
* Works with 28 pin 27SF512 Chips
* Bulk quantities (20+ ZIF's) are available at a discounted rate, please contact us for pricing and lead times.

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