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Application Guide - See what fits your vehicle
Check Engine Light Codes / Diagnostic Trouble Codes
ECU Part Number / Vehicle Application List
Diagnosing a SOLID Check Engine Light
Spark Plugs Information
Lower Temperature Thermostats
What is a P28 Equivalent ECU?
What is a Wideband Oxygen Sensor?
Honda Fuel Injector Flow Rate/ Size Chart
Aftermarket Fuel Injector Flow Rates, Dead Times, and Resistance Data
92-95 Civic CX upshift indicator troubleshooting
Supercharger setup information
ECU Board Type Identification for Conversions
PWM Boost Components ECU Installation Instructions
RM11 Replacement on 1720 ECU Boards
USDM OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU Socketing Instructions
JDM OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU Socketing / Chipping Instructions
Moates Demon Installation Instructions for USDM OBD1 ECU's
What ECU's are Chippable?
What is a Chipped ECU?
'1720' ECU Board VTEC Conversion Instructions
'11FO' ECU Board VTEC Conversion Kit instructions
'1980' ECU Board VTEC Conversion Instructions
Moates Hulog Installation Instructions
ELD pin D10 Wideband Input ECU Board Modification
OBD1 ECU Rom Number to ECU Part Number Master List
OBD0 ECU Quick Reference Wiring Diagram For Swaps
OBD1 ECU Quick Reference Wiring Diagram For Swaps
OBD2A ECU Quick Reference Wiring Diagram For Swaps
OBD2B ECU Quick Reference Wiring Diagram For Swaps
How to Wire an OBD2 Alternator on an OBD1 Engine / Chassis
OBD0 to OBD1 Conversion Harness Installation Instructions
How to Convert an 88-91 DPFI Civic/ CRX to MPFI
VTEC Oil Pressure Switch Wiring Bypass
3 Wire to 2 Wire IACV Conversion for 96-98 Civic
3 Wire to 2 Wire IACV Conversion for 99-00 Civic
90-91 Integra B18A1 Vacuum Diagram (with dashpot valve)
99-00 Civic SI B16A2 Vacuum Diagram
92-93 Integra B17A1 Vacuum Diagram
92-95 Prelude H22A and H23A Vacuum Diagram
94-95 Integra B18C1 Vacuum Diagram
88-91 Civic / CRX B16A Vacuum Diagram (without dashpot valve)
Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)
Top Dead Center Sensor (TDC)
Cylinder Position Sensor (CYP)
Crankshaft Fluctuation Sensor (CKF)
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT)
Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT)
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP)
Oxygen Sensor (O2 or HO2S)
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (PA)
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
Idle Air Control Valve / Electronic Air Control Valve ( IACV / EACV )
Knock Sensor (KS)
Electronic Load Detector (ELD)
Fast Idle Thermal Valve (FITV)
Intake Air Bypass Solenoid (IAB)
Cam Gear Tuning - Tuning Advance, Retard, and Overlap for Power
Spark Timing Myths Debunked
You Can Be Too Rich
Getting Started With Neptune
Connecting to the Demon with Neptune
Neptune Idle Adjustment Tuning
Smanager Software Installation
Hondata 4 Port Boost Control Solenoid Installation Instructions
Hondata S300 Ethanol / E85 Setup Information
How to Upload a Hondata S300 Custom Basemap File to your ECU/S300
Crome Beginner's Guide (.pdf)
How to crimp ID injector connectors
Injector Pulse Width Studies and Linearity Explained
Injector Dynamics Injector Flow Rates, Offsets, Dead Times