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Honda / Acura Engine Management Solutions!

Tuning solutions to meet the demanding needs of Honda and Acura vehicles, paired with unbeatable product support!

** OBD1 Performance ECU Packages **

Chipped OBD1 ECU Packages

Our Chipped OBD1 ECU packages are built for the budget minded performance application.  Available with a Custom Basemap Program for your engine setup, and can be tuned using the popular CROME software!

View OBD1 Chipped ECU Packages

Hondata S300 OBD1 ECU Packages

Our Hondata S300 OBD1 ECU packages are for the demanding engine build when you need full control over all engine parameters, including real-time datalogging!

View Hondata S300 ECU Packages

OE-Spec Reman ECU's / PCM's

All of our remanufactured ECU's are produced and tested at our facility.  A remanufactured ECU meets new engine computer specifications to run your engine properly without any complications.

View our OE-Reman ECU's

ECU Jumper Harnesses built right here at our facility in the USA

ECU Services

View all ECU Services We Offer

Coil On Plug Conversions

HondaRulez COP Mini Kits

The HondaRulez COP Mini Kit is a revolutionary design that allows any D/B/F/H Series Engine run coil-on-plug, even with a completely stock OBD1 ECU!

Learn More

Hondata CPR Kit

The Hondata CPR Coil Pack Retrofit Kit is designed to work in combination with a Hondata S300 equipped ECU to convert to coil on plug to increase spark energy.

More Info on the Hondata CPR

Ignition Coils, Mounting Plates, and More

We carry everything you need to successfully convert to coil-on-plug.

Shop Our Coil On Plug Components

Hondata K-Pro Packages

Browse KPro Packages

** Basemaps **

Custom Programmed Basemap Chips

Need to get your engine build up and running but don't have a programmed chip for your setup?  Let us configure a custom basemap chip for your engine to get up and running!

Get Started

Hondata S300 Custom Basemaps

The S300 system is a robust tuning platform, but you need somewhere to start.  Let us create a custom basemap for your build!  We can email the file to you to get started quickly!

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More Basemaps Available

Don't struggle with a basemap that isn't suited to your engine build.  Let us create a custom basemap for you to get you up and running! 

View available Basemaps


Awesome service and they know their s&%t! Been there for me n helped my build in many ways I highly recommend these guy! Thsnks!rs.

ONeil Brothers

HA Motorsports is an incredible well managed, easy to work with company!  Right out of the gate I got my ECU with basemap and harness same week I bought it plugged it in after I did my AEM piggy back delete and the basemap tune was very effective and accurate! The fuel delivery issues that I was throwing countless dollars at through my local tuner shop was solved through this ECU Basemap setup from HA Motorsports!! Their technical support is quick responsive and always willing to answer questions accurately and with detail making end user experience that much easier.

John T.

What can I say these guys are amazing. I ordered a basemap tune for my turbo B18b for my new Hondata S300 ecu since my last ecu failed.  My tuner is 1.5 hours away and I couldn’t drive the car the way it was to get to him. Ha Motorsports solved my issue and now I can get to my tuner without damaging my engine. I HIGHLY recommend these guys.


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