**We buy used Honda/Acura ECU Cores!** - HA Motorsports

** We buy used Honda/Acura ECU Cores!

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We are happy to announce we are now offering to purchase unwanted or not needed Honda and Acura ECU's! This is a great way to get rid of an ECU you are not using, or to trade in your ECU so that you can upgrade to a different ECU. Price paid varies depending on the ECU and ECU condition. Please see the ECU part number for the top price paid, then subtract amount below for any damage or other conditions listed below to get an estimate:

ECU's that we are currently purchasing:


  • OBD1 P05 ECU's $150
  • OBD1 P06 ECU's $150
  • OBD1 P07 ECU's - not needed at this time
  • OBD1 P28 ECU's $170
  • OBD1 P30 ECU's $200 (USDM Only, we do not need JDM P30 ECU's at this time)
  • OBD1 PR4 ECU's $150 (37820-PR4-A11, 37820-PR4-A61, 37820-PR4-L11, 37820-PR4-L61) (NOT OBD0, We are only purchasing OBD1 PR4 ECU's)
  • OBD1 P75 ECU's (37820-P75-A01, 37820-P75-A51) $160
  • OBD1 P72 ECU's (37820-P72-A01) $230 (USDM Only, we do not need JDM P72 ECU's at this time)
  • 2002-2004 RSX 'base model' PND manual transmission ECU's (37820-PND-A01 through A09) $200.00
  • 2002-2004 RSX 'base model' PND automatic transmission ECU's (37820-PND-A51 through A59) $150.00
  • 2002-2004 RSX Type-S PRB ECU's (37820-PRB-A03 through A08) $475.00
  • 2002-2005 Civic SI PNF ECU's ** NOT NEEDED AT THIS TIME **
  • 2005 Honda Element PZD ECU's ** NOT NEEDED AT THIS TIME **
  • 2005 Accord RAD ECU's: $100
  •       (37820-RAD-A01 through A04)
  •       (37820-RAD-L01 through L04)
  •       (37820-RAD-A51 through A54)
  •       (37820-RAD-A61 through A64)
  •       (37820-RAD-L51 through L54)
  • 2006-2007 Accord RAD ECU's: $100
  •       (37820-RAD-A05 through A09
  •       (37820-RAD-A55 through A59)
  •       (37820-RAD-A81 through A83)
  •       (37820-RAD-L55 through L59)
  •       (37820-RAD-L81 through L83)
  • 2005-2006 RSX 'base model' PND auto or manual transmission ECU's $100.00
  •       (PND-A11 through A16 and PND-307, PND-405, PND-415, PND-425)
  •       (PND-A61 through A66 and PND-416)
  • 2005-2006 RSX Type-S PRB ECU's $200.00
  •       (37820-PRB-A11 through A16, PRB-306, PRB-405, PRB-415, PRB-425) 
Subtract the amount below for any damage, etc.:

  • ECU case is heavily damaged (cut, bent, corroded, etc.) - subtract $20
  • ECU lids are heavily damaged or missing (cut, bent, heavily dented, etc.) - subtract $20
  • ECU board has been modified in any way (including socketed, chipped, converted, etc.) - subtract $25 UNLESS the modifications were done by us.
  • ECU is not functional (solid check engine light, ECU board is burned, does not work, etc.) - no value for OBD1 ECU's.  For K Series ECU's, no value - please do not send in ECU's that are not functional as we will not be able to offer any payment.
How does the process work?

  1. Click the "add to cart" button to go to the shopping cart page. You aren't purchasing anything, this is just to gather your info (name, email address, etc.) and so that we know you will be sending in your ECU(s) and be able to contact you. Adjust the quantity in your shopping cart to the number of ECU's you are sending in.
  2. Enter your information in the checkout pages.
  3. Submit the "order" and print out the confirmation. Include the confirmation printout with your ECU(s), package securely, then ship to us using any shipping method you'd like to:

  • Core Purchasing
    HA Motorsports, LLC
    4184 Sunnyside Cemetery Rd.
    Stevensville, MT 59870

  • When we receive your ECU, we will inspect the condition and send you an email with a final price using the guidelines posted above. If you agree with the price, we will send payment to a Paypal address of your choice. New option: If you prefer not to receive your payment via Paypal (due to Paypal fees, etc.), we can now issue the payment to you via an HA Motorsports store gift card.  Just let us know how you'd like to be paid.

    I will be ordering an ECU from you, can I submit this order at the same time and just subtract this from my order?  For simplicity, and to avoid any delay on shipping your order, please submit this request to sell your ECU to us as a separate order. This way we can ship your other order as soon as possible and not have to wait on your ECU that you are selling to us arrive.

    How will I get paid?  You will receive a payment via Paypal once we receive and verify your ECU's condition. We will email with the final offered price for your approval before sending the payment.  New option: If you prefer not to receive your payment via Paypal (due to Paypal fees, etc.), we can now issue the payment to you via an HA Motorsports store gift card.  Just let us know how you'd like to be paid.

    How do I ship my ECU to you?  You can ship to us using any shipping method you'd like. The cost to ship your ECU to us is NOT included, so you will need to pay to ship your ECU to us wherever you go to ship.

    Have a question?  Feel free to send us an email: sales@hamotorsports.com


    Ask a Question
    • Do these need to be manual only or manual and auto ?

      Either is fine, thanks!

    • I frequently go to local wrecking yards, strictly stick to Honda's.... have a stock pile of ECU's.... Alot of P06 P28 P75 and P72 all in great condition. Wouldn't mind buying a "lot" of them ?

      Absolutely.  Our preference is completely stock, unmodified ECU's.  We can buy larger quanities if you'd like to send them all in, no problem.

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