HA Motorsports Honda/Acura Ground Cable
HA Motorsports Honda/Acura Ground Cable
HA Motorsports Honda/Acura Ground Cable

HA Motorsports Honda/Acura Ground Cable

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HA Motorsports ground cables provide a superior ground connection for the critical grounds in your engine compartment.  Built using 8 gauge stranded copper TXL cable, wrapped in Raychem DR-25 Motorsport heat shrink, and finished with hydraulically crimped terminals in the perfect size for Honda/Acura vehicle ground bolts.  You will not find a better quality ground cable.  Available in varying lengths so you can order the exact size you want for your engine setup.  Measurement is from each end of the ground cable.  Simply measure the length from your ground locations and order an appropriate length.  We recommend ordering a cable that is slightly longer than the measured length so that some slack remains in the ground cable to allow for engine movement.

We recommend at least 2 grounds, one from one of the valve cover bolts to the vehicle chassis, and one from the transmission housing to the vehicle chassis.  Additional grounds can be installed if desired.

Eyelets/bolt holes on each end of the cable measure 1/4", which is the perfect size for the 6mm (10mm bolt head) ground bolts on Honda/Acura vehicles.

Priced individually.


  • 8 gauge stranded copper automotive TXL wire - superior voltage transfer over factory wiring while remaining very flexible and durable.
  • Raychem DR-25 heat shrink - resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Particularly suitable as a jacketing material for military ground vehicle cables and harnesses
  • Terminals - hydraulically crimped end terminals sized perfectly for Honda/Acura ground bolts.
  • Built right here at our facility in the USA!


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